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So, I’m the new wellness professional in town trying to make a name for myself while also learning as much as possible about this community, culture and environment. So I network, network and network some more until my brain bursts.

I think it’s fascinating to learn how people got to where they are and the lessons they gathered along the way. I love hearing the goals people are working toward because it never ceases to amaze me how driven and creative people can be. The journey is the destination, right? But there are also the simple things.

I want to know the last book people read and the types of gifts they like to give. I want to hear how women in wellness define “success.” But most importantly, what is their favorite Maine getaway so I can explore my home state properly? Basically all the good stuff.

Naturally, most of the conversations have happened in yoga studios, where teachers are running between a million other commitments or appointments, and only have a small window to chat. So I decided to discover more about these incredible humans through a survey.

The response has been wonderful! I’m excited to share the personal sides to these local (for me) health and wellness professionals who are thriving in an industry with potential to change lives and cultivate safe places for people to be better humans to themselves and others. That’s wellness, y’all.

I believe the yoga teachers, fitness instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, health coaches, etc. are truly public health’s first line of defense in the world today. People go to a local gym, yoga studio, or wellness centers much more frequently than their doctor’s offices. They talk more openly about mental or physical health issues with their trusted teacher than their stuffy doctor who sees them for a half hour once a year or less.

Preventative health care starts with community health, and these places are the epicenters. The amount of growth, support and health prevention happening should be shared more, so I hope that this series helps a little with that awareness.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to check out a studio because you think the teacher is super rad. Or you’ll follow a website link for someone who seems interesting and you’ll realize their approach to exercise and health is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Maybe you’ll discover a whole new studio entirely and it’s all your people and you meet your new best friend and life totally changes. #goals

We don’t all jive with everyone, but we certainly jive with someone. Find your people, find your tribe, and you’ll find yourself.

Rupi Kaur, Milk & Honey

Maine Women in Wellness 8/29/2018: Caitlin Hathaway – Co-owner of TULA

Maine Women in Wellness 9/5/2018: Kat Cynewski – Founder of Be Well Events

Maine Women in Wellness 9/12/2018: Rebecca Thompson – Movement Teacher & Healer

Maine Women in Wellness 9/19/2018: Danielle Gismondi – Yoga Teacher, Educator, Thail Massage Practitioner & Women’s Circle Leader

Maine Women in Wellness 9/26/2018: Rachel Bortles – Yogi, Writer, Mama to Be!

Maine Women in Wellness 10/10/2018: Holly Martzial – Wellness Instructor & Marketing Entrepreneur

Maine Women in Wellness 10/17/2018: Shannon Osborne – Owner of Honor Movement Studios


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