Women in Wellness: Rachel Bortles – Yogi, Writer, Mama To Be!

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Say hello to a fellow blogger and writer! I reached out to Rachel specifically because I really love her blog. Also, if you go to her social media you will probably feel so much envy for all the gorgeous hiking and outdoor exploration she does with her friends.

As I was scrolling through her feed and website one day, I felt an urge to learn more about her. There was a pull I can’t really explain but I had a hunch she would be open too. So I messaged her via her blog, and she was totally willing to open up a bit to a complete stranger. What a gift I was given!

Although I’ve never met her in person, there is something about typing up people’s responses and appreciating where they choose to insert exclamation points. I think punctuation tells a lot about a person. And I know it sounds silly – but I literally feel like her friend because she got excited about her favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor! I loved her simple answers. It reminds me how when I filled out a similar survey for my yoga teacher training and I replied similarly, short and sweet.

She has been documenting her baby bump growth too and if you know me personally – well, you know I love anything that has to do with pregnancy!

So here is Rachel – just a fellow yogi, writer/blogger, and mama to be. She also makes her own all natural, handcrafted lip balm, lotion, face masks and other beauty products. Check out Yogi Glow on Etsy for the goodies. Read on to discover more natural goodness.

Rachel 1

Name: Rachel Bortles

Location: Brunswick, Maine

Occupation: Yoga Instructor, Freelance Writer, Waitress

Where can we find you? Pine Tree Studio, Sebasco Harbor Resort, Sea Dog Brewing Co.

Age: 28

Instagram: @wildmeyogi


On her nightstand: Oil diffuser, Photo of my husband and I, Water bottle, CBD tincture, Varying array of essential oils

What books to you always recommend people read? Harry Potter!

What does your self care/love routine look like? Bubble baths, face masks, trash tv, pizza, zero obligations, zero guilt.

Describe your fitness/movement routine: I like to make sure I get sweaty from cardio at least 3 times per week. Yoga at least once a day, even if it’s just for a couple minutes to work out the kinks. I thrive with bodyweight exercises so I incorporate those roughly 4 times per week. Lastly, I love turning up the music and dancing freely around the house with my dog.


Are you more of a hunter or gatherer?
You’re new to the crayon box, what color would you be?
Moss Green
Favorite vacation spot in Maine?
Favorite foodies spot in Maine?
Gah! This is hard. Empire in Portland. Little Tokyo in Brunswick.
Favorite Maine activity?
What do you usually think about in the car?
My mind often wanders to existential topics, but it really depends on what I’m listening to.
Favorite season?
Go-to coffee shop order?
Medium hot coffee black.
Go-to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor?
Chunky monkey!
Favorite fairy tale movie?
If you could do anything right now what would it be? 
Drive around the country with my husband and our old doggie, Sadie.
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
An owl.

The last gift you gave someone? Shucking knife and oyster cookbook to my brother in-law.

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What were you like in highschool?

Angry, emotional, dark, self-conscious, rebellious, emo AF.

If you had all the money, what type of vacation would you plan? The most epic road trip of all time. 

Words that inspire you today: Every no is a yes to something better.

What are you working on in your free time?
Growing my freelance writing career.
How many time a day do you type something into Google? 
How long have you been in the wellness business?
5 years.
Can you describe your how your health and wellness career started?
I saw what yoga and healthy living did to change my life and decided I wanted to share it with anyone willing to listen.
When do you feel the most successful?
When I’ve accomplished all the daily goals I set for myself.
What challenges haves you faced getting to where you are now?
I’ve always had a bit of stage fright or fear of public speaking, so the idea of teaching terrified me. Sometimes I still get nervous or stumble on words, but now I respect and value the strength it takes for me to speak confidently in front of a group. I think it’s part of healthy growth to push the limits of comfortability.
What advice would you give women who want to enter the wellness & health industry?
Always listen to your body and recognize what’s best in each given moment. Don’t push it too far, but also don’t fall prey to your body’s tricky tactics.
What has been your favorite continuing education, certification or training?
My 200 hour yoga teacher training opened my eyes to what it means to live a yogic lifestyle and that made a huge difference in my life.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
let go, bring in.

Thank you Rachel! I hope we meet in person sometime soon when you resurface to the world post-baby.
Sending you all the positive labor vibes and thank you so much for contributing to this series. Loved having a fellow yogi blogger in the mix.
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