Women in Wellness: Kat Cynewski – Founder of Be Well Events

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IMG-1769Before I met Kat in person, I stalked her juuust a tiny bit on Instagram. She showed up a lot on my feed because IG is creepy and knows I’m into yoga on the beach in Maine and it’s basically all this girl posts. Just kidding! But IG was right on target because she is definitely someone I have a lot in common with, and since meeting her, have grown to admire more and more.

Not only did she sweetly respond to a question I direct messaged her about in a very supportive way (before meeting me), but she’s truly on this earth to get fun-loving people together who enjoy health and wellness. When I approached her about working for Be Well Events, she was open minded to hear my ideas and what I could offer the team. I appreciate so much how welcoming she has been for me during these transitional times.

As a yoga instructor, I’m in love with Kat’s teaching style. She infuses power postures and strong flows that get the heart pumping. She teaches aerial yoga at my local studio, so I’m lucky I get the best of both my yoga worlds. One of my favorite classes is her power flow + aerial yoga on Friday mornings at TULA. If I ever get a real job, I’m screwed.

Kat goes a million miles a minutes but when you get her sit down – she still talks a million miles a minute! I adore her vision and I’m excited to help with her business because she’s got so many great ideas. If you’re in the New England area, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome Be Well Events.

Be Well Bliss Retreat

Name: Kat Cynewski

Location: Portland, Maine

Occupation: Yoga Instructor, business owner

Age: 29

Instagram: @thenortheastyogi; @bewellevents

On her nightstand: A lamp, rose quartz, 5 minute journal, Alexa (I do a nightly guided meditation and obsessed!), a book

In her bag right now: I rarely carry a bag! I carry the essentials or stuff them in my pockets – phone, ID, card, lipgloss 

The last thing/book she read: Perfectly Imperfect – Baron Baptiste

Describe your fitness/movement routine in one sentence:
ALL. THE. YOGA. but I also snowboard in the winter and dabble with spin, barre, bootcamp, rock climbing, and basically everything when I can. 
You’re a new edition to the crayon box, what color would you be?
Favorite season?
End of Summer beginning of Fall mash up
Go-to coffee order?
cold brew with a splash of almond milk
Go to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor?
choc chip cookie dough
If you could do anything right now, what would it be?
Swinging on the giant swing over crystal blue water at sunset off the coast of Bali (is that specific enough?) haha
If you could be any animal, real or imaginary, what would you be?
easy, unicorn
What were you like in high school?
If you had all the money, what type of vacation would you plan? 
A long one. Around the world.
How many times a day do you type something into Google?
Way too many to count.
How long have you been in the wellness business?
3 years.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I was once terrified of speaking in public. When I took my 200hr training and had to teach my first 5 minuets my face was bright red, my heart was racing, and I almost passed out. Little by little though, that kept changing and I kept being drawn back to teaching. For several months after I started teaching public classes I would get nervous and full of butterflies at every class. Although that fear and nervousness has gone away for me now, I still get a burst of energy and excitement before each class I teach. I think sticking it out and overcoming my fear of judgement in the beginning is what I’m most proud of and what ultimately lead me to this life as a teacher.
What advice would you give women who want to enter the wellness & health industry?
Look at the reasons you are considering it as an option. Has it changed your life and does it really resonate with you? Or does it just seem like a fun and easy job? I think a lot of people are jumping into the wellness and health industry for the wrong reasons and are met with a mountain of hard work they aren’t always prepared to climb. Be clear and honest with yourself on your motives.
What has been your favorite continuing education, certification or training?
I trained for my 500 hr cert in Goa, India last fall and that was like living the yogi dream for a month. One of the best experiences of my life and hands down my favorite training.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Stay authentic, always.

Thank you Kat! You’re awesome and I can’t wait to watch your business grow.
Be Well is hosting an AMAZING Health and Wellness Festival in January 2019.
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  1. Love this! I’ve been following Kat even longer than I’ve been following Liz (Namalsay Fam!). In 2017 I vacationed in Maine, and tried to make it to a Be Well event. Something came up and I couldn’t (vacations rarely go as planned), but I can’t WAIT to wind up back in Maine someday, taking both of your classes! You ladies are KILLIN it!

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