TULA TRI: Recap & Reflections

First a shout out to all the ladies and WES that showed up and sweat on this particular Sunday. Below is a photo our FOINE participants!

The day outside was crazy beautiful weather and Maine had nearly a week filled with rain. People were eager to spend the day outdoors and we couldn’t blame them.

The summer energy was pulsing in town and Kim and I were certainly a little worried we’d lose a few people to a beach day. That’s OK! We thought – the people that turned out would have a great time and we hoped all who missed it were having a blast.

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Reaction to Wes wearing a Tula crop top…

The smiles that came through the door were infectious. Kim & I were in crazy amp mode that people probably needed to adjust to us first. This was only the beginning…

I actually got a little nervous when I hit play on the first song! I didn’t give myself a mini pep talk or check-in a second prior. I just went for it. I didn’t at all follow the plan Kim and I made for the warm up. Minor mishap that we smoothed over but a great example of how a pause before you begin is probably a good idea.

The spin class was amazing! High energy, smiles, laughter and sweat.

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Then the tone class was filled with powerful sun salutes and resistance band work finishing with a flow and summer intention centering.

I shared how I see summer:

a time of the year when we get things done and move toward activities and people who truly bring us joy. As we allow all the prosperity to flow, we simultaneously release what isn’t nurturing us any longer.

Summer gives us more daylight. A few extra hours of opportunity to be outside and explore our natural connection to the world. But with cancer season in swing as well, during this high vibe summer transition, we are reminded of our roots.

I offered these inquiries to everyone:

  • What makes us feel secure and grounded?
  • What excited us and get our powerful sun/ego energy moving?
  • How do we achieve both this season?

The universal need for balance naturally comes to mind.

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Kim let the crew through a gorgeous aerial class that included a few simple inversions. I LOVED ending the Tri with aerial. As much as we all love spin and yoga, something about this practice is magical.

Again I offer the notice of opposites: mat yoga versus aerial yoga.

Both serve to help you physically and mentally expand. However, mat yoga uses gravity somewhat aggressively to assist you into postures. Aerial yoga uses the fabric to deepen postures without so much pressure on your joints. You fly. You stretch. You decompress. Savasana in the hammock cocoon was truly the only way to end part 1 of our magical event.

In your classic turn of event planning – there are photos from the beginning and end, but not a whole lot from the middle because we were all just too hyped and having fun to remember to snap pics. Definitely a good sign but I do wish I had some gift opening and smoothies pics for ya.

My phone was controlling the music so I couldn’t use it to take photos of Kim teaching aerial. I clearly need a camera. On the bright side, my playlists were sick and I loved seeing people’s faces light us and bodies wiggle with the beat when Lizzo and Lake Street Dive came on.

Once the class experience was complete, Kim helped everyone make a bolster circle and grabbed the brown paper wrapped goodies! We planned for 12 and 6 showed. Everyone picked twice and walked away with 2 healthy freebies.


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Our welcome table with the gifts and names of participants!

I hastily made smoothies in a way that could definitely use some improving, but they were delicious and there was plenty of Grandy Oats granola to go around that most people had a second helping halfway through their smoothie slurping.

Our little game and gift opening consisted of saying your name, how you found out about Tula, and sharing one summer intention. A few that were shared were:

  • Get outside more.
  • Find happiness.
  • Let go of what’s no longer serving you (me!)
  • Be present in things that are coming to an end.
  • Feel settled & ready for a new chapter in Maine (one gal just moved here 3 months ago!)

This was my favorite part. Hearing people’s stories and goals. Meeting new people. Learning more about someone I see often.

We planned. We executed. We celebrated.

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After the final gift was chosen (we went over by 30 minutes) – the group took a few photos under the TULA flower sign Kim made.

Laughter and joy rounded out the experience with hugs all around.

People loved it and so did I. Putting something like this together with a girlfriend who I met less than a year ago in this exact space was incredible. Kim and I bonded so hard while planning this. The Tula Tri not only brought new people to our space to form fresh bonds, but it strengthened pre existing ones. That’s a successful wellness event if I’ve ever known one!

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Always goofing off with this girl

So when is the next one? We’re pretty sure this will be seasonal. We’ll announce the dates soon and Kimmy will probably start texting me about decor ideas tomorrow. But until we do – I hope you have a wonderful summer.

Fill it with getting outside, feeling present and grounded in life, letting go of what isn’t rising you higher, and defining to finding happiness on your terms. Good luck y’all – this isn’t a small task.

Find friends to support you – you’ll get there! Remember – all are welcome to Tula!




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