These four words are wellness in a nutshell.

Move. Nourish. Refresh. Connect.

An article from the New York Times caught my eye, “Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well.” The title of the article was intriguing so I clicked it.

The writing did not disappoint me, so I thought they were worth sharing and expanding on from a health/wellness movement teacher on the gram/blogger standpoint.

Here are those four words again:

Move. Nourish. Refresh. Connect.

Simple, plain, and to the point. Health and wellness is not complicated. Social media with all the products and programs can make it seem so. The mental and physical health changes that occur when you’re consistent are deep and complex, while how to get there is usually pretty clear: move more, stress less, eat better, find friends that make you feel good.

Myself included – put a lot of emphasis on movement. It’s easy to convey, people quickly relate, and it speaks for itself. There is a reason why people share their physical yoga practice or their workout of the day on IG – it’s easy to do. People like that shiz.

If you feel like moving with me – this is my teaching schedule.

Nourish gets a lot of attention too. Food is gorgeous and again, people RELATE. We’re all “foodies” because most of us eat twice or more times a day. Good food is vital to achieve the mental and physical health status we desire. Food photos are appealing, inspiring and again, super easy to create. With all the incredible Instagram accounts dedicated to colorful salads, smoothie bowls, and other healthy meals, it’s natural that nourishment gets a lot of love. Here are my favorites.

While, move and nourish are effortless to share and relate to, (one reason they dominate our feeds) they are the short term elements to the being healthy story. The others, refresh and connect, are the pieces that make the other two actually achievable and sustainable.

Refresh means very different things to different people. We don’t all work the same job, run on similar schedules, or need the same types of breaks. Some days 12 hours of sleep is my refresher, while at other times it’s a quick walk on the beach or reading a book until 1am. One week it was an entire day of silence. Ugh – damn that felt good.

It requires a little more creativity to convey how we get to refresh. Also for many – refreshed means taking social media breaks. So it can go totally unnoticed.

Refresh to me means a reset.


Get out of your head and into the heart. Take time to let go of your own or other’s worries/commitments/expectations etc and find the time to be and heal. Patch up the wounds that have opened from working hard and being vulnerable. So you can keep at it – in order to pursue what you want.

Resetting is sort of about getting over yourself a little. Social media forces you to flaunt your life. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who share the self-care routines beautifully – but it’s not crazy common. I love the way Jules from Om and the City shares her consistent refresh routines.

Finally – my favorite. Connection. I’m guilty of avoiding this but I can attest to it’s awesome feeling and how well it works to keep you on a wellness track. When others are invested, they care. When they are involved in the process – you show up more.

Don’t take this one lightly. Connection is more than small talk beyond spin class. These are the people – regardless if you do yoga with them or not – who support your lifestyle, your aspirations and your true self.

A deep connection to friends, partners or family should be nourished and treasured. At the end of the day –

“you deserve to be completely found in your surroundings not lost within them”  rupi kaur


The people you choose to complete your social circle create that surrounding. Social media is not a conducive space to fulfill this or convey connection in a sexy way. Again, it’s certainly there – but displayed more as recreation rather than a vital factor of your mental and physical wellness journey. Even though it is.

I know this post feels random – it does to me too. But I like to simplify things for myself and others. I think it helps put it all into perspective. Wellness is not complex nor is it one size fits all. However, it does demand an understanding of the balance of the essential ingredients.

So, every week –

  1. Make sure you’re moving in a way that feels good. Feel your heart beat a little faster than when you first wake up.
  2. Eat well and plan a few meals out – try to eat a salad.
  3. Take time to disconnect, get a good night sleep, and reset for a few minutes, an hour, or an entire day.
  4. Make time for a feel good connection. Talk about topics that inspire you, make you laugh, or cause you to cry. Because those feels are the purpose of living.

The connection to humanity and our true selves we gain from balancing all these things, that’s pure wellness.




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