The Universe Conspired To Teach Me About Social Media

Earlier this week I filled out a social media strategy worksheet in preparation for my upcoming yoga teacher training, given to me by my amazing soon-to-be yoga teacher, Candace from Yoga By Candace.

The purpose of the assignment was to get us to start thinking about our personal brand and to provide general Instagram tips that we should begin applying. She also had us do some seriously scary brainstorming. The prompt was to “Dream Big” about my yoga career, think long term and in real time about where I envision myself after the training as well as a few years down the road. 

The feeling of putting my crazy ideas to paper and physically manifesting them into words with meaning was actually quite exhilarating. Instead of day dreams in my mind, for the first time the ideas of “where yoga could lead me” were not confined to my imagination anymore. They were realized. They felt achievable.

Even if I don’t have a set-in-stone plan, simply getting the creative juices flowing and free-writing it all out felt really right. The thought of doing this was so scary at first. But actually doing it was empowering and exciting.

My big, fantastical plans may change. It’s almost certain that they will. But one or two, or a combination of them, might very much come true and form the realization of my dream career. It’s all very exciting over here.

After I completed the worksheet I opened my e-mail to see the below article.

I swear the universe is conspiring with me.


Advice From Experts – How To Chase Your Dreams

I think Gabrielle’s Berstein’s advice is always so great. The article 3 Steps to Take Action on Your Dreams was such a wonderful reminder how powerful meditating and visualizing can be. I was literally brainstorming by dream career only a few hours before! And feeling the energy of that activity was incredibly invigorating. In preparation for my yoga teacher training, my teacher encouraged us to envision where we wanted our yoga career to take us. I had spent about 10 minutes just writing down all the ideas that came to mind and what I wanted my personal brand to accomplish in the long run.

But like. What if I accomplish none of it? Well then I’ll refer to these words, “Simply taking one action each day toward your dream is incredibly powerful. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be and take spiritually aligned action every day.” Heck yes. Needed that.

On a serious note … I also Learned About A Serious Drawback of Social Media

I’m not referring to the Instagram addiction problem. Blame It on the Tweets is a New York Times article that will open your eyes to how social media messages are violently being acted on in REAL time. The article reads, “Is there any link between how many Twitter users an area has and how many hate crimes take place there? In a way, yes. Starting from the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, there was a spike in the number of hate crimes against Muslims in the United States.”

Also another valuable one, On Social Media’s Fringes, Growing Extremism Targets Women.

The growing research behind the influence of social media creating false rumors that lead to increased global violence rates terrifies me but it’s something we NEED to start paying attention to. #thisispublichealth

There is very little we can do about this phenomenon. But take notice. Discuss it. Use it as another avenue to engage in important conversations.

As always, I balance out the ego and activism with exercise…

Get Creative & Stay in Shape – How to Build Your Own At-Home HIIT Workout

As you can imagine, HIIT is a huge part of my workout routine because it’s fast and effective, so I do it on the regular. I really like how this article presents a simple formula for building your own HIIT routine depending on what you want.

In my previous post I touched upon the fact that I love having a mini-home gym. And by home gym I literally mean a yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and a jumprope. Between all these things, a consistent yoga practice, and running 2-3x per week, I’m able to stay in shape and feel very good. However, this set up has really challenged me to get creative with exercise (and I’m much more fitness savvy for it).

Just sharing 3 things today! Enjoy the rambles and musings.

XO+OM, Liz

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