Kate Nicholson – yoga teacher, LMT, Assistant Director of Student Wellness at Bowdoin College, & doTERRA wellness advocate.

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! KATE! She is one of those people you want to give a big hug to when you see her. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kate through my manager at Athleta. She is one of my favorite connections since working there. We [...]

Tara Evelyn – Owner of Health Resonates, Massage Therapist, & Aesthetician

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! I met Tara over a year ago at a Be Well Event to connect women in the wellness space in Portland, Maine. She was offering massages and energy work for the attendees. Tara was low key - not trying to be the center of attention, [...]

Finding Balance: Time to Thrive in 2020 – Tools and Thoughts to Tranform

In the month of November - I found balance through staying busy with work and coping with change through lots of rest. If you follow me on social or you know me in real life - there have been several shifts in my life that made November 2019 one for the books and also where [...]

Gaby Barboza – RN, Hydrotherapist, & Yoga Studio Manager

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! Gaby's smile is simply the best! Scroll down for my fav pics that show it off! 😉 You'll notice it right away. I super attracted to people who smile a lot. I vibe with them. But for real, this girl has true uplifting energy, [...]

Consuming feelings with food – a few lessons from my health coaching journey.

Let's start from the beginning. With what seemed like my reason for feeling so lost. Binge eating. Defined as, according to NEDA: Recurring episodes of eating significantly more food in a short period of time than most people would eat under similar circumstances, with episodes marked by feelings of lack of control Marked distress, including [...]

Finding Balance: My Food & Body Wounds + An Exciting Endeavor

ANNOUNCEMENT - I'LL BE A CERTIFIED HUNGRY FOR HAPPINESS COACH by 2020 - WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! Keep reading if you're intrigued to learn more about my personal food & body journey AND how you could snag pro-bono food and body coaching with me personally. It's been six weeks since joining this certification program and [...]

Julie, Andrea & Maura from SheJAMS share their journey & insight into wellness.

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! This one is especially cool - we have three women in one survey! I connected with Julie, Andrea and Maura because Athleta is partnering with sheJAMS this month for a couple events! More information below. I am inspired by them individually. Each have a [...]

Amber Hardison – Spin/Fitness Instructor & Domestic Violence Advocate

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! "I LOVE Amber!" is the general consensus in the Rêve community. Rêve has it going on and so does Amber. My heart explodes when I see a wellness community do their thing. When they come together IN NUMBERS to cheer, connect, cry a little [...]

Finding Balance – Feminine Energy, New Books & Investing in Myself.

It's funny how in retrospect it feels like I begged for this to happen to me. "I don't know how I got here." I told someone over coffee. "Yes you do." She replied matter of fact. It's been two days in a row that I've opened my eye in the morning so excited to take on [...]