Kate Nicholson – yoga teacher, LMT, Assistant Director of Student Wellness at Bowdoin College, & doTERRA wellness advocate.

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! KATE! She is one of those people you want to give a big hug to when you see her. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kate through my manager at Athleta. She is one of my favorite connections since working there. We [...]

Tara Evelyn – Owner of Health Resonates, Massage Therapist, & Aesthetician

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! I met Tara over a year ago at a Be Well Event to connect women in the wellness space in Portland, Maine. She was offering massages and energy work for the attendees. Tara was low key - not trying to be the center of attention, [...]

Finding Balance: Time to Thrive in 2020 – Tools and Thoughts to Tranform

In the month of November - I found balance through staying busy with work and coping with change through lots of rest. If you follow me on social or you know me in real life - there have been several shifts in my life that made November 2019 one for the books and also where [...]

November just got personal – development! HFH month six update.

Hi! This is an update on my Hungry for Happiness journey. This post is a little like a journal entry. It's me reflecting back on November and sharing how this program helped me get through a difficult month. I moved the first weekend of the month. I left behind the home I've lived in since [...]

Gaby Barboza – RN, Hydrotherapist, & Yoga Studio Manager

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! Gaby's smile is simply the best! Scroll down for my fav pics that show it off! 😉 You'll notice it right away. I super attracted to people who smile a lot. I vibe with them. But for real, this girl has true uplifting energy, [...]

Consuming feelings with food – a few lessons from my health coaching journey.

Let's start from the beginning. With what seemed like my reason for feeling so lost. Binge eating. Defined as, according to NEDA: Recurring episodes of eating significantly more food in a short period of time than most people would eat under similar circumstances, with episodes marked by feelings of lack of control Marked distress, including [...]

Finding Balance: My Food & Body Wounds + An Exciting Endeavor

ANNOUNCEMENT - I'LL BE A CERTIFIED HUNGRY FOR HAPPINESS COACH by 2020 - WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! Keep reading if you're intrigued to learn more about my personal food & body journey AND how you could snag pro-bono food and body coaching with me personally. It's been six weeks since joining this certification program and [...]

Julie, Andrea & Maura from SheJAMS share their journey & insight into wellness.

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! This one is especially cool - we have three women in one survey! I connected with Julie, Andrea and Maura because Athleta is partnering with sheJAMS this month for a couple events! More information below. I am inspired by them individually. Each have a [...]