Kim Pon – Women’s Health Sonographer, Spin Instructor and my homie.

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here Me and and Kim met at a spin class - classic. We both frequent the same studio (Tula!) and with all the incredible community that goes on there, it didn't take long before we started chatting, bonding and loving all over each other's social [...]

Danielle Kroot – Physical Therapist, Running & Triathlon Coach

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! I met Danielle at a networking event for wellness professionals a couple of months ago. Her kindness was so genuine, and she was sitting right next to me, and we started chatting of course! She was so easy to speak to and we talked [...]

Women in Wellness: Holly Martzial – Wellness Instructor & Marketing Entrepreneur

Learn more about my Maine Women in Wellness Blog Series Here! Holly is part of the original Breathing Room group that welcomed me with open arms into their community. I'll am continuously grateful for her kindness and smiles. She was also the very first yoga class I took immediately after finishing my yoga teacher training. [...]

Finding Balance: Job Changes, Movies for Yogis & a Podcast for Starting Sh*t

Seasons are changing in Maine! The weather is crisp in the mornings and afternoon. The beach isn't overly crowded. People are getting back to work and the amount of out of state license plates has dwindled. I can sense the settling into Fall routines with almost everyone I interact with. A big theme in my [...]

Finding Balance: Feminist Newsletters, BeyoncĂ©, and my ‘aha’ Moment.

I'm sitting here sorting through e-mails. A heavy reminder that I'm on way too many subscription lists. I think I get three different New York Time's newsletters. As I write, I'm listening to a playlist I made for my yoga class this afternoon. If you use Spotify, take a listen to my Authenticity Flow playlist. [...]