Class / Offerings

Welcome back! I am excited to flow with friends again.

I will be teaching in my new home, known as Sol Studio in South Portland, Maine.

This space is currently a blank canvas, I am filling it with activities and people who want to connect through movement, art and collaboration. We are defining it together. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to the growth of the space.

To learn more – please join me in class to connect!

Mondays & Tuesdays 6pm – 7:30pm.

90 minutes.

$25 ($20 to me to cover rent for my space, $5 to a BLM cause of the month)

My yoga teachings is deeply intentional. Music is soulfully curated. 

You can expect a centering, a meditation long enough to drop into the body and shift from the previous musings of the day. Warming up, connecting to physical sensations is meant to be joyful with soft, sweet music. There will be time to truly spend a moment with your breath with slow and mindful movement. 

The juicy center, the vinyasa will be choose your own adventure. Really, the whole class is that, but here is the beautiful portion where students experience to choose where the flow takes them. Beginner, Intermediates and Advanced practitioner will be challenged in either holding a pose, trying a pose for the first time or re-exploring how a familiar shape feels in the body that day. 

My goal is to get you to release the mindless chatter and give you space to be – whoever you want to be. Come as you are and move from that place. 

Adequate rest, meditation and stillness at the end is required to allow the deep movement work to settle into the bones, the mind, the heart. 

Join me for class that has been described as “church.”

Come for FUN. My style of teaching has been referred to as PLAY.

Let’s turn on tunes that give us permission to be kids again. Move however we want to. Class follows the same structure: meditation, warm up, flow, cool down, rest, but you can expect a bit more energy and an opportunity for a faster flow, if you want to. As always – you choose what to do and what not to do. Try crow or chill in a deep squat – tuning into the NEEDS of your body is the ultimate goal! 

This class offers extra opportunity for “advanced” practitioners to challenge their skills and may even have a “peak pose” at the end. More upbeat music with lyrics will be woven in so if that’s not your style – be ready for that! I want people to let loose, have fun, maybe break a sweat, wring out the day and take a long exhale together at the end.

Practice nourishing your body, your mind and your soul. 

Additional Offerings!


If you would like something specific, inquire here.

Examples of themed classes are:

  • Yin / Yang yoga
  • Restorative / deep rest yoga
  • Wedding yoga for bridal parties
  • Yoga for party / celebration
  • Chakra series

Small Private Groups of 4-6 can be arranged. Inquire here to set up a class or series.

If you have questions about any of these offerings – don’t hesitate to get in touch.