Flow with me.

Play with me.

My ultimate goal is to help students find confidence, strength and ease in their physical yoga practice while encouraging introspection and self awareness beyond the mat. I strive to invite people of all shapes, sizes and mobility to my classes while emphasizing love, curiosity and acceptance of all that our bodies have to offer us in the moment. I enjoy weaving mindfulness, mantras, and quotes into my flows.

“I love Liz’s classes because of her energy, personality & the way she makes everyone in the room feel seen and comfortable. She always offers progressions and regressions and makes everyone feel proud of their choices. She pushes you mentally and physically a little bit farther than you think you could go and is the first person to give you praise after. I also love the way she peacefully ends each class, and the themes she starts with that are tied back at the end.”

The Rooted Collective – Barre & Yoga

36 Market St., Portland Maine 04101

Fridays, 7:00 – 7:45am.

Yoga/HIIT – take it up a notch with your yoga. Center and then cardio. Blends stretching, vinyasa flow with tabata, high intensity interval moves, and classic core work.

Saturdays, 10:15am – 11:15am.

Yoga Beats – sick playlist you might hear at a house party but that you get to experience as a background to a beautiful yoga flow. A more intermediate / athletic flow for all levels because you can always just boogie.

See you on the mat!