New Resource! Nutrition Stripped & Learning About Digestive Health

I recently added and updated my resources/link page, so I thought I’d do a quick post to share what that means and why.

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Feeling fresh in the AM

Also for people that are new around here – I have a page dedicated to my most used websites for all things health and wellness!

In case you don’t know – the primary reason I started a blog was to share health and wellness resources that resonate with me. Friends and family were always reaching out to ask about various topics, such as fitness and food, and I felt like I was continuously referring them to the same places again and again.

That’s when I decided to make a space for all my go to websites for personal development, fitness, yoga, creativity, and more.

Check out the page that has it all here.

Feel free to message me through my blog or my social media on a particular topic and I’ll likely tell you which resource would be a good place to start.

I think doing your own digging is an important step to improving your health and taking ownership of what’s happening in and around your body. Lifestyle and environment factors impact each and every one of us in a slightly different way.  I believe you’re the only person who will fully understand your problems – so give your intuition some credit and always investigate your question before investing in a solution.

That way, when you decide to spend time and money in a meal or workout plan, a health consultation, a personal health or business coach, a membership to a gym, studio or online community, you’re doing so with confidence in what it’s worth for you.

Also – no sweat if you invest and it doesn’t pay back – I’ve done it and I’m sure I’ll do it again. But if you can avoid it, let’s do that too.

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Feeling myself not being bloated. Wearing all Athleta <3

To put things into context – I’m having some digestive problems. If you’ve spent time with me – you probably know! Sorry Stasia and Micah! 😉

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of why I’m constantly feeling bloated, gassy or constipated. It’s always one of the three! It definitely has something to do with my diet, so I’m trying to pay better attention to what I consume and what the effects are. It’s really hard. I’m not rocking it, but I’m learning.

The website, Nutrition Stripped has helped a lot. Which is the newest addition to my resource page!

Nutrition Stripped is a blog/website that has super simple healthy recipes with meaningful content included to explain nutritional benefits and purposes of the food in the recipe. It’s much better than your basic food blog, in my opinion.

She’s got a Good Vibes journal (aka a weekly newsletter) that I’m subscribed to and I really love! The articles she writes covers topics that demonstrate her dietetic knowledge and awareness of what clients and women today are dealing with.

Here are a few posts by her that really resonate with my current struggles!

There is a lot of information in these 4 posts – and I feel like it’s given me a solid start on where to cut back, add in, and be mindful of in regards to how certain foods and behavior impacts my digestive health.

One major takeaway: Try to not eat two hours before bed when possible. Give your body a full digestive window before you shut down for the night. You wake up feeling better, in my experience.

For me, feeling fresh in the morning is a major positive game changer for the habits I tend to follow the rest of the day. #morningperson

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Love peppermint tea before bed

I added the Nutrition Stripped link and few others to my Resource page today! I also removed some links that I realized needed replacing. Take a peek and let me know what you find interesting.

I hope this helps you get closer to where you want to be, wherever you are in your health and wellness path. Take care and connect with me!





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