New Moons & Cycles – What They Mean & What To Do

Have you wondered why new moons get all this hype and what in the world they mean?

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Moon salute flow – low lunge

As I move through the world of yoga studios and setting intentions every hour on the hour, moon cycles are very prevalent. From a wall decoration, to a business card, to a tattoo, you see moon phases literally everywhere. It didn’t take long for me to become curious.

In this post, I want to share a few awesome resources that have helped me tap into improving my understanding of the moon and how to tune into the cycles in every day life. I share websites, a moon salute flow, playlists, and a book recommendation.

I enjoy regularly setting intentions. It’s a powerful tool to check in with your mind, body and soul and take a moment to consider if your lifestyle and mindset are in alignment. It’s so easy to get out of sync with what you desire because our world is packed to the brim with diversions and messages that not there to serve but to distract.

Keep in mind that you have everything within you to achieve what you seek. This is an invaluable mindset and a difficult one to be reminded of in our world today. And I think that’s why I love new moon intention cycle setting, because it reminds me of exactly that.

The first website about astrology that I thought wasn’t too hippy but gave off legitimate vibes was The Lunar Logic Blog by Jennifer Racioppi. I enjoy her posts because they are easy to digest, skim and get to the part that you want to. Mostly, I LOVE her journal prompts. In her New Moon in Virgo post she gives you 5 easy steps to begin a New Moon Ritual and then completes with a journal prompt: What did you learn over the summer that’s supporting you to lay a solid foundation in your life with regards to where you’d like to go next? Yes this led me to some seriously wonderful self reflection.

5f8b758db1ac5d1ce8abf7bdead58957Maybe before sitting down and setting new moon intentions – do a little yoga flow to get out of your head and refresh the thoughts. Why not a few moon salutation!?

Do what feels good for you and flow freely. Moon salutes are usually filled with grounding postures like low/high lunge, poses on the belly, and mountain pose. You’re not leaving the ground.

Move mindfully and with intention to stay supported and secure.

Next thing I have for you is another website called The Wild Women Project which I discovered when I went to a local yoga studio. They have a monthly moon circle gathering and ritual I’ve been dying to attend. They offer a unique training for people interested in being a Wild Women leader. They also have a great blog which posts fun things like a Happy Full Moon Playlist For Every Mood. If this seems to call to your spirit, you should check it out.

Finally, I have 2 book recommendations. Neither of which I have read but that should not stop you. The first one is Evolution of Goddess, which came highly recommended by a friend. The second is Lunar Abundance, which popped up on Amazon has a book that was frequently bought with the other and seemed extremely appropriate. Amazon description: Lunar Abundance is a beautiful and practical guide for today’s women on cultivating peace, purpose, and abundance in both their personal and professional lives, guided by the phases of the moon. Sound like what I’m going for.


Lunar Abundance

Do you make time to set intentions according to the moon cycles or are you still skeptic about the power of the moon and stars? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

I hope you have an abundant and prosperous new moon!




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