My message & my why.

We are wise. We can guide each other.

This moment in history has reminded me MORE THAN EVER why healing work and connecting with women/leaders/coaches is UNBELIEVABLY important.

WE MUST PIVOT to keep ourselves and our communities safe, healthy and abundant. It’s time for the feminine, the collective, the healers to rise and be of service to the people who need us. 

Healing our own trauma is step number one.

This will empower us to be seen.

This is my why:

I believe women in our world have been addicted to dieting and shrinking themselves to fit in or find their worth because we were programed to do so by society and the media at a very young age. Growing up, my size and my body were such pain points. The concept of self love and body acceptance was foreign to me which I know put me through a lot of pain. 

The “patriarchy” relies on us to externalize our worth and put our energy into making ourselves smaller so they remain in power. It’s a small piece of the puzzle – but one that runs so deep. While many women stay distracted or absorbed on being skinny and fit (talking about, googling it, thinking it, planning days around it, eating for it) OR buying more to make us feel better, we lose time, energy and resources to put our brilliant wisdom to work.

If women spent LESS TIME betraying our beautiful bodies, sabotaging goals, & passing down generational wounds of not being worthy or loveable enough because of our size and shape, IMAGINE how much happier & healthier society would be?

We would be better mothers, partners and friends because we’d be connected, embodied, and honest. We would raise sons and daughters to do the same.

For me, food and body just happened to be the gateway into me hating myself. That’s just how it went for me and it’s not the case for everyone.

I had to return home.

My healing required tracing my roots back to the source and digging deep into that to unearth where my self-violence was coming from. Much of it is mother & sister wounds.

My most updated journey of BECOMING a food & body coach is here.

I wish to help women become the most elevated and aligned version of themselves so they can dive into their authenticity and contribute to their community in a way that makes them joyFULL.

You can’t do that if you’re distracted – by diets, numbing your truth with exercise or another technique because it causes us to externalizing our worth, live without boundaries, and step out of alignment with our personal values and vision.

My personal mission is rooted in personal empowerment and to lovingly take back the power that we distractedly gave away to family, friends, partners, co-workers, even our children.

Together we take it back and use it to honor ourselves.

Through this we do a better job at loving everyone else.

I believe the more women who stand in their power and are not afraid to fail, take chances, be seen, share their story, or simply, be authentically themselves,

the less oppressed we ALL will be, making our world a better place to live and thrive.

If you are ready:

  • to pivot,
  • to be seen,
  • to understand what’s been holding you back,
  • to mother & father your inner child,
  • to release the guilt you have with food,
  • to truly love your body,
  • to observe but not identify with your triggers,
  • to surrender to the divine feminine,
  • to connect to the divine masculine,
  • to establish boundaries in life,
  • to listen to your internal wisdom,
  • to build a life from intention,
  • to channel your magic as medicine,
  • to STEP INTO your gifts, your story, and your power

It’s time for us to work together.

If you are interested in group coaching calls – I am offering that option through Tula & The Rooted Collective. Both studios offer online class passes and memberships – these coaching sessions will be considered a regular class.

Thank you for supporting these local spaces and businesses.

If you’ve gotten this far – you’re ready and in need for some level of love from me.

Take action today! Click here for 1:1 coaching or check out my virtual class offerings here.




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