My hilarious water routine revealed

Drink more water – says everyone.

Hydration helps with focus, energy, digestion and keeping the body operating at it’s highest frequency. When you’re dehydrated, EVERYTHING slows down. Brain, body and soul. So keep them revving and make drinking a water a priority stat. #wellnessadvice

People say you should drink half your body weight in ounces per day. I weight about 130, so 65 ounces for me – which translates to about 2 liters. THAT’S INSANE BECAUSE I DRINK 4 OR MORE. I also workout a lot. About 1-2x per day, so I sweat quite a bit, contributing to needing more. Usually by midday I’ve consumed at least 2 liters of water. I drink morning coffee and evening tea too – so add about 1/2 liter.

Long story short – I drink a lot of liquid. If you hang out with me – I’m always going to the bathroom! It feels amazing to be super hydrated and not have those terrible dehydration headaches. Every time I pee I feel like I’m flushing the toxins out!

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my nalgene and I – we’ve been through it all

My evening routine is how I keep the water flowing for the whole next day.

After dinner, when my water is warming for tea, I fill up my bottles and put them in the fridge overnight. I use glass Kombucha bottles to hold the liquid and keep it cool.

I have 9 bottles I’ve saved overtime and I fill all of them. 8 bottles go in the fridge, 1 bottle I take to bed with me to have immediately when I wake up. (Right after a clean my tongue – obviously. I use a tongue scraper, yes!)

Two kombucha bottles fill my Nalgene water bottle – so I fill that up four times over the course of the day. I keep lemons, cucumbers, fruit, mint etc in my big bottle to keep my water lightly flavored. It keeps me reaching for more. #protip

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Kombucha bottles = the best reusable water holders 🙂

Each time I empty a glass bottle – I set them on the counter (or in a bag if I’m on the go) in a line to be re-filled in the evening. The satisfaction I feel when these build up over the day is random but I love it. I also enjoy it when I go to work and my lunch/water bag is heavy and then when I leave everything is so light because I’ve consumed everything. I’m so weird. But I bet you can relate. 😉

ANYWAY. This routine is what works so well for me right now. Not only is it a routine that contributes to a healthy lifestyle – staying super hydrated – it’s also a mini win at the end of the day. Maybe the day went like shit. But at least you consumed more than half your body weight in water and you’ll release all that shit in the morning because being hydrated helps move that along.

A few hilarious struggles in being a psychotic water consumer is needing to pee and wash my hands every hour so it’s annoying my hands are dry a lot. #firstworldproblems

Waking up in the middle of the night to pee is lame – but if you give yourself an hour of not pounding the tea and pee right before bed, it’s ok. Or just sleep walk to the toilet, jesus.

I hope this post makes you:

  1. giggle
  2. inspired to drink more water
  3. consider how a healthy evening routine can set you right for the next day – especially in regards to fluid intake.

What did you think of this post? What obstacles do you have with drinking enough water? What routines do you follow to keep yourself hydrated? Do you have drink more water goals for Spring?

Let me know in the comments OR share with me on social. Love the feedback & commentary.




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