My Favorite Podcasts for 2020 – health, wealth, & soul.

My favorite space to listen to podcasts is in the car. I jam to music in my house constantly and of course I’m always creating playlists for classes, so it’s nice to hear people talk about cool stuff when I’m driving around like a maniac. Also, because of my lifestyle – single human, working several jobs, super social, etc, I spend a good amount of time in my lovely RAV4. (p.s. if you need a guy who can help you find a dope lease car price – I got the hook up, let me know. )

I love to drive and podcasts make my commute and errands productive, inspiring, healing, motivating – all the things! I usually have several pre-downloaded and ready to play. I’ll get settled in my car, take a second to collect myself, let my car warm up, select the podcast that suits my mood – and hit the road!

Also I noticed that I drive SLOWER when I listen to podcasts. Especially if I am really enjoying the content and want to savor it! Allowing people to cut in front of me becomes less of a trigger. The conversations chill me out. Rather than me thinking of the place I’m driving to, what I’ll do when I get there, or maybe stressing over some detail that’s out of my control. So podcasts apparently do good for me in those two ways too: less road rage and less control freak anxiety – AMEN!

So here they are! PLUS why I recommend them and an episode that sparked something in me.

Rising Women Leaders – Elevating Women’s Voices & Stories with Meredith Rom

Every episode I listen to I get chills at some point. The guests she has one are phenomenal women who are creating, healing, giving, guiding from their soul’s purpose. This is an inspiring one. It makes you realize that the gifts we have and the darkness we go through are our guides in this world. The way Meredith asks questions is different that anyone else too. She takes her time and poses questions that gets the guest to go deeper. I cried after this episode when Meredith ended with a prayer.

Hungry for Happiness – personal development, deep conversations and comedy to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world with Samantha Skelly.

You probably saw this one coming. Samantha is the founder of the health coaching certification I am in, Hungry for Happiness. She’s hilarious and insane – this is why I love her. She’ll do a mix of solo jam sessions and interviews depending on what her audience is craving. She is raw and real – zero bullshit. It’s all personal development with a major focus on getting in touch with your dark/shadow/trigger side and working through that to discover who you are and DECIDING how you want to show up in this world. This episode helped me get through a hard times in my relationship and trusting the growth of it.

Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations – life changing one to one conversations with the world’s top thinkers, teachers and luminaries.

I meeeaaan. Maya Angelou. Bradley Cooper. Elizabeth Gilbert. Lady Gaga. Malcolm Gladwell. TONI MORRISON. If you don’t know – now you know. If it wasn’t taped on stage, it was probably recorded in OPRAH’S ORCHARD / garden in California. HIGH VIBES ONLY PEOPLE.

The Angie Lee Show – A daily dose of of inspiration and the kick in the panties you need to market your business & optimize your wellness.

THIS PODCAST inspired me to treat my job, my yoga classes, my meetings, my friends, like a fun learning opportunity. She speaks to HOW TO REALLY get to know the people around you. how you help by being you, and also how to SELL to them. Not going to lie – this is a lot about business and geared toward the “wellness entrepreneur” which is extremely trendy. Angie’s super power is her energy and the way she infuses FUN into everything – even the difficult shit. I was listening to her podcast – searching for something, and she gave me the solution. I love her. If you need a little guidance on writing IG content to speak to your audience. This episode helped me in that area.

Soul Wealth Podcast – Taking a spiritual approach to getting out of your own way and to unleash your greatest purpose with Ryan and Chris Yokome.

Got money blocks yo? Yeah – same here. Do you check your bank account constantly? Stress over spending money? Say no to people and experiences because you’re stuck thinking you can’t afford it? The ENERGY around MONEY is REAL. If you feel triggered around the idea that there is a spiritual connection between making money – then you need this work. Ryan also dives DEEP into masculine and feminine energy, which is where I get most of my information from around this topic. This episode helped me and my partner come back together with a richer understanding of each other.

Own Your Intuition: Conversation with Kelly Rich – storytelling, interviews and discussions on topics like intuition, guides, intuitive health, finding alignment, yoga and Ayurveda.

ah! I love Kelly. Big big fan over here. She is the ONLY person on this list I have met in person and is local to my home – Portland, Maine! That matters. Sometimes the person you know online is very very different than the human in real life. Kelly’s energy is grounding, soft, healing. I adore watching her business thrive and the way she has touched so many people. She has inspired me SO much. I could write love notes to her all day long. It was a joy to attend her retreat this past Fall. This episode on getting grounded was meditative and lovely.

There we have it! Enjoy all of them and SHARE with me when you listen to one of them! I wish for these to guide you on whatever journey you are on. I hope they help you and spark ah-ha moments within in ways they have for me.

Those moments are simply – the best!

So much LOVE!




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