Women in Wellness: Kristin Niebuhr – Owner of The Rooted Collective!

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I remember the afternoon I was poking around the website of Rooted. First of all, I had never done barre, so I was extremely intrigued. And I loved that this place wasn’t only yoga. It offered more. It also looked extremely chic, so I sent them my resume hoping for the best.

It was one of those super serendipitous situations that felt like it was meant to be. Kristin got back to me fairly quickly because they were literally having an open audition for yoga teachers a few days later. The same day we e-mailed back and forth to coordinate the audition, we ran into each other at a networking event!

As people went around the room and introduced themselves, I realized I was staring right at Kristin. When it was time for me to share, we locked eyes and laughed because we both made the connection that we were e-mailing each other only hours before.

Kristin feels like the friend you’ve always had. She’s an amazing studio owner because not only does she seem genuinely amped that you showed up, but she gives out hugs like  candy and it doesn’t even feel forced. She’s approachable, loving, constantly sharing her warm smile, but also totally real about being a mom to a one year old and living an extremely hectic life.

But she does it with grace. She’s a bombshell blonde who will kick your ass in a barre class, turn around to give you a cookie, and then dash out the door to do a million other things. She’s inspiring and always dreaming up what’s next. Another reason why I love her energy.

Kristin is one of my favorite barre teachers in Portland, Maine. I always recommend The Rooted Collective for someone looking to try barre. Her classes are brilliant and her team of teachers is incredible. NO ONE makes me shake the way she does. The pain burns so good and after you feel like a badass. That’s just one of her gifts.


Name: Kristin

Location: Portland, Maine / Kennebunk, Maine

Occupation: Owner of The Rooted Collective

Age: 34

Where can we find you?  Rooted Barre & Yoga Studio

Instagram: @kristin1112

On her nightstand: My planner, water, baby monitor and Danielle LaPorte Fire Starter Sessions

Random item in your bag right now: Ha who knows…I have a 1 year old

What book do you always recommend: The Four Agreements

Describe your fitness/movement routine in one sentence: Barre & Yoga…. chasing after a little one. I love all movement though and love a great kickboxing sesh!

Hunter or gatherer?
You’re new to the crayon box, what color would you be?
Favorite vacation spot in Maine?
Favorite foodies spot in Maine?
LB Kitchen or Anju down in Kittery
Favorite season?
Fall – Being from Savannah originally, never thought I would say that. I love Spring (in the south)
Favorite Disney movie?
The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe
If you could do anything, what would it be?
Skydive and travel everywhere.
Go-to coffee shop order?
Iced coffee black
Last gift you gave someone?
A set of Essentials oils to help with pregnancy and birth
How many times do you type something into Google?
oh geez at least 10

Words that inspires you today? Just because you are soft does not mean you are not a force to be reckoned with. Both honey and wildfire are gold.


How long have you been in the wellness business?
6 years.
Can you describe how your career in health & wellness start?
I left modeling in NYC and moved north with my now husband. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do so I bartended and went to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Fell in love with it. I have always tried my best at staying on the healthier side and figuring out what is right for my body but this really opened my eyes. I then saw a ad for a barre teacher training and even though I didn’t have much experience at the time, I took the leap. Both feet in and I loved it! It kicked my ass but well worth it! Ever since then I dove into learning as much as I could to be the best ! could be for my students!
When do you feel the most successful?
When I get feedback from my teachers and students on what an impact the studio has had on them!
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Getting married, opening/running a studio, and having a baby all within two years! I’m pretty sure I blacked out! 🙂
What advice would you give women who want to enter the wellness & health industry?
Don’t take anything personal! You do you!

Thank you for including me in your amazing community and always giving my body an incredible workout.
I have made so many connections through this space and you should be proud AF at what you’ve nurtured and accomplished. It makes me so happy that you recognize it too.
I love your energy, your honesty, and your hard work. I cannot wait to see how the Rooted community continues to grow!

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