Finding Balance: My Food & Body Wounds + An Exciting Endeavor


Keep reading if you’re intrigued to learn more about my personal food & body journey AND how you could snag pro-bono food and body coaching with me personally.

It’s been six weeks since joining this certification program and I won’t lie, there are days when I can’t believe I’m paying all this freaking money for personal development.

But I’ve heard it again, and I’ll say it a thousand times in case you need to hear this,


Also on my mind is serious self doubt. I second guess, more so in the beginning, that I want to coach people. There are moments where I think, “who the eff am I to do this?” Those are days when I’m personally struggling: to get through a moment of pain, to feel a purpose, to find significance, really, to feel connected to myself.

And then I have days like today. The day I write this IN TOTAL FLOW.

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It’s not that this day happened exactly how I wanted it to, very far from that. But I still feel amazing because I am ferociously choosing my vibrations and how I want to experience the external world.

I got 4 hours of sleep due to procrastination and had to teach a yoga class, spin class, and go to work the next day. Normally I would wake up “off balance”, dreading my over packed schedule and attach myself to the story of being crabby because I didn’t sleep enough. I would use this as an excuse to not love myself and others around me. These beliefs manifest into behaviors that suck my energy and the people around me. Insert: binge eating, wine gulping, excessive exercise, bitching about nothing, complaining, playing small, victimhood…etc = all the self sabotage.

So I flipped the script like this program showed me how to: Think: I GET to teach this class, I GET to see these people, I GET to go to work. Boom. Today this was the catalyst of major flow.

Other days it’s about forgiveness.

Maybe I’m struggling with my mommy issues and they are hitting home. I go out for a run to numb and ignore but it festers as it always does. I now notice the low vibrations because I understand what that means. I viscerally feel out of balance with my body – I trust this feeling it OK, it won’t kill me, but I realize it’s not helping or hurting me. It’s just there.

Mid-way through my trail run I decide to pause. I take a massive gulp of fresh oxygenated air and remember GRATITUDE. I realize how freaking lucky I am to be running these trails in a fully-able body and in sweet clothes I feel like a badass in. I get to go home and eat a salad and see my Dad. Boom. My mood boosts. My feeling switches to love for myself. My body’s vibrations increase and I feel it, viscerally, in my body. I notice the switch. That’s important. I feel the click, the hum of compassion.

My run just became more powerful.

Love and pain hold space for each other. They land right next to one another. But YOU CAN CHOOSE one over the other. Awareness is your first step.

That has been the key that unlocked ALL of this. The ability to observe my behavior when certain things trigger me, bring me joy, make me feel excruciating or subtle pain and love. When I come home from a long ass day and yet I’m in so much flow I bust out this blog post because it’s pouring out of me.

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I WANT YOU, if you are reading this, TO FIND YOUR FLOW. We should all be in a state of flow. Our natural state is happiness, not suffering.  To be aware of what makes you suffer and relentlessly choosing happiness will get you there. It’s faster to get there with a coach. I might not be the one for you. I resonate with a certain girl and I describe her below.

Let’s work together soon. I would love love love to share these tools with you. To talk about what is up in your life and how together we can be sift and shift through your beliefs, stories, triggers, dreams, goals, vibrations, as a team.

Since the day since I started this program, the amount of clarity about my own behavior, my childhood trauma, my beliefs that are holding me back from loving myself, the projections I’m creating that push people away are becoming painfully and wonderfully obvious.

This work has not been easy. But it’s been SO worth it.

Stay tuned for more updates on the chance to work with me for FREE. If you’re super interested, send me a little message using this link.

That way, I’ll know who to reach out to when I’m ready to really serve this world and begin practicing how to coach people. I’ll need a a few volunteers to help me! Let me know if you want in.

The Hungry for Happiness Certification program is designed to help people like me find their health coaching niche and I’m still figuring this out.

So far it’s this: the girl who looks like they have it together all freaking day and yet goes home and struggles so hard to love herself. In particular with food and her body. It could be from the overwork or the boredom, but binge eating and body dysmorphia is the number one battle. A moment in her teens changed the way she looked at her body forever and it’s been war ever since. From diets, to serious restriction, to excessively exercising, to physical and mental self harm, the outlets are the way she escaped the feelings she craved: of worthiness, love, safety and of significance. Health is a part of her career but she feels like it’s not serving her in the highest way. It might be her crux, her control, her mask. She wants to feel free from the negative behavior and self harm she has conditioned herself to follow for years. If this sounds familiar – seriously, get in touch.

FYI – that’s me – a glimpse of my story. I’m healing myself with this program and hopefully I can help you understand and heal your wounds too.

The program lasts for 10 months and it’s 400 hours of work. Serious life changing stuff I can’t wait to share with you.

It’s not a joke because it shouldn’t be. This is your life. Be the creator of it.

Until my next update – know that I’m INSANELY grateful to have so many readers! I can’t wait to keep sharing and documenting my journey.




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