Kim Pon – Women’s Health Sonographer, Spin Instructor and my homie.

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Me and and Kim met at a spin class – classic.

We both frequent the same studio (Tula!) and with all the incredible community that goes on there, it didn’t take long before we started chatting, bonding and loving all over each other’s social media.

We both started officially teaching at Tula around the same time as well. She spin and me yoga, we took each other’s classes or just played around in the studio. Our friendship is so special to me. Our energies line up like I’ve experienced with only one other human. I can’t explain this but I hope you get it. If you don’t – keep looking for it.

Friendship is so essential to living your best life. Listen to this podcast if you don’t believe me. Connection and support is vital to feeling alive and well because when life get tough, you need someone to help you through it. Maybe it’s just a spin class, a sauna session, or a walk outside, but I’ve learned the hard way that isolation is not always the best route.

Smiles and laughter and doing things you love with people you love will literally be the best medicine for your mental health problems in my opinion.

Without getting too sappy (too late) here is Kim, my friend, spiritual sister, and also fellow women in wellness!


Name: Kim Pon

Location: Portland, Maine

Occupation: Women’s Health Sonographer and Spin Instructor

Where can we find you?  TULA

Age: 28

Instagram: @kimmiex3

On her nightstand: A crystal and a bluetooth speaker

Random item in your bag right now: Floss and chapstick

What book do you always recommend: The Law of Attraction

What does your self care/love routine look like? A hot shower, wild bangs, pigtails, eyebrow liner, mascara, and chapstick.

Describe your fitness/movement routine in one sentence: Spin, barre, aerial yoga, meditation, and a new studio every month to test all the flavors of fitness! Oh and lots of laughter.

Hunter or gatherer?
You’re new to the crayon box, what color would you be?
Bright pink.
Favorite vacation spot in Maine?
Favorite Maine activity?
Summer beach walks
Favorite foodies spot in Maine?
What do you usually think about in the car?
Music all the way
Favorite season?
Summer and maybe Fall
Favorite Disney movie?
If you could do anything, what would it be?
Skydive and travel everywhere.
Go-to coffee shop order?
Dirty chai with soy
If you could be any animal, real or imaginary, what would you be?
A beautiful and majestic llama.

Go-to Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Whirled Peace was the best


Last gift you gave someone?
A t-shirt from Tula and a yoga mat towel!
What were you like in high school?
A social introvert
What TV/movie character would you be and why?
Ilana from Broad City because I love how real her character is.
If you had all the money, what type of vacation would you plan?
A trip to 3 European countries and 3 Southeast Asian countries!!!
What are you working on in your free time?
Finding more inner peace and believing in myself more.
How many times do you type something into Google?
Maybe a million #googleit

Words that inspires you today? When Courtney Babbidge calls me a badass, even when she’s across the world!


How long have you been in the wellness business?
I was a Radiographer for 3 years and have now been a Sonographer for 3 years. So for 6 years, I have been working in medical imaging-taking care of the community and aiding in medical diagnoses. I have specialized in women’s health for the last 3 years, performing sonograms on pregnant women and women in general of all ages.
Can you describe how your career in health & wellness start?
I was interested in graphic arts and photography as a teen and decided that medical imaging could be just as interesting as an art career. I feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that I am helping create a healthier community! My most current wellness achievement is becoming an indoor cycling instructor at Tula this past October!
When do you feel the most successful?
I feel most successful when I feel my best self, which to me, means-feeling, grounded, balanced, and confident.
What is one challenge you faced getting to where you are now?
Negative energy-I feel vibes on a deeper level and have really learned how to cut out negative vibes.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Learning how to love myself unconditionally through good and bad days!
What advice would you give women who want to enter the wellness & health industry?
Believe in yourself, know that you can do anything you want. Trust in the universe and love yourself first. Everything that is meant to be will always happen at the right time, when you’re truly ready for it.
Self love is key to any achievement!
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The universe only gives you things when you’re ready. The key to receiving is to love yourself first, then the rest will come.

This is a love letter first and foremost. A letter from someone who loved you before I knew you but our souls were connected long before words were spoken.
I adore you so much and the feeling is mutual that our worlds collided at exactly the right time.
I loved every second of reading your responses because it felt like another window was being opened and little more of that Kim sunlight started to shine through.
Baby girl, you have pure, endless, unique energy, don’t let anyone dull that shit because you’re so loved.

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