Julie, Andrea & Maura from SheJAMS share their journey & insight into wellness.

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This one is especially cool – we have three women in one survey!

I connected with Julie, Andrea and Maura because Athleta is partnering with sheJAMS this month for a couple events! More information below.

I am inspired by them individually. Each have a certain tenacity and love for life that propels their success in this “wellness business.” As you read their individual answers, you’ll feel their separate styles and approach to life. You’ll find however that in the end, they arrive at an overarching goal: help the people around them feel GOOD.

They also work together to guide, inspire, and fuel an entire team. Julie and Andrea are the owners of sheJAMS – and Maura is their running coach.

SheJAMs is an ALL women’s triathlon club that promotes a healthy, strong, and active lifestyle. They provide an open and encouraging environment for women of all fitness levels to train together. A place to share each other’s experiences, accomplishments, and challenges… and revel in the energy that a community of active women generate! 

On Tuesday, August 13th, SheJAMS is bringing their regular run crew to Athleta to check out the SuperSonic, a new tight made from 100% recycled nylon. Every mile we run, Athleta is donating $1 to the Nature Conservancy using Charity Miles. If you’d love to join us, sign up here! events.athleta.com/0461-race-with-shejams

Before we head on on our runs this August, let’s learn a little more about these three hardworking and hilarious women. I love the advice they give for women considering wellness as a career AND general advice for life. They give great book recommendations, search super random stuff on Google, and their favorite accomplishments are impressive! Read on y’all.


Maura – sheJAMS run coach at the famous Tri for a Cure!
Julie, Andrea, Melissa – founders/owners of sheJAMS

Name(s): Julie Jordan Marchese, Andrea Brown Gleason, Maura Malia
– Location: 

Julie: Cumberland Foreside

Andrea: South Portland

Maura: Windham

– Occupation(s): 

Julie: Event Planner, co-owner sheJAMs, co-owner Cyclebar Portland

AndreaYoga Teacher / Studio Owner, Co-Founder sheJAMs, USAT Coach Level 1, Event Director Maine YogaFest

MauraSheJAMs Run Coach & Owner of Heaven & Earth Massage & Day Spa

– Age:
Julie – 59
Andrea – 51
Maura – 45
– Where can we find you?  

JulieCycleBar Portland, Training with sheJAMs, Pure Barre

Andrea: Scarborough Yoga

– Social media:

Facebook: SheJAMSJulie Marchese, Andrea Gleason, Maine Yoga Fest, Maura Malia

Instagram: SheJAMS, Maine Yoga Fest , Maura Malia

– On her nightstand: 

JulieA book I’m reading. Right now it is “Lies She Never Told Me” by John Ellsworth

AndreaWater, Salt Lamp, Book, Clock, Diffuser

MauraThe Brave Athlete”, water and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm 🙂

– Random item in your bag right now: 

JulieNothing is random, everything is there because I put it there!

AndreaYoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

– What book do you always recommend: 

JulieWhere the Crawdads Sing“. by Delia Owens

– What does your self care/love routine look like?

Julieworking out at least 6 days a week.

AndreaYin Yoga, Rowing, Massage every 6 weeks, Running, Reflexology, Reading, Family & Friend Time

MauraMorning coffee, gratitude journal & daily devotion along with weekly massage/energy work sessions
– Describe your fitness/movement routine in one sentence:

JulieBarre Class, Strength Class, Spinning, Open Water Swimming, Walking

AndreaYin 3 times a week, 1-2 runs and 1-2 rows, once a week swim at the pool if schedule works.

MauraRunning, strengthening, yin with a little swimming & biking thrown in the mix.

– Hunter or gatherer?
Julie & Andrea & Maura: Hunter.
– You’re new to the crayon box, what color would you be?
A: Cerulean blue

– Favorite vacation spot in Maine?
J: Acadia
A: Oh so many to choose from: Flying Pond, Sugarloaf, Ocean Park, Acadia, Mt Katadin…
M: Acadia

– Favorite Maine activity?
J: Hiking – But there are so many. I love skiing, both downhill & cross country, I love swimming in the ocean, I love riding my bike, I love paddle boarding!
A: Skiing
– Favorite foodies spot in Maine?
J: Too many to name. My girlfriends took me to Highroller Lobster Company for my birthday and it is now one of my new favorites.
A: Again oh so many!!! All time favorite, Street & Company

M: Frog & Turtle
– What do you think about in the car?
J: Nothing – I am in a daze…
A: Some times I ride in silence just to not think although generally I’m making lists of what I have to do.
M: Business ideas

– Favorite season?
A: Summer
M: Fall
– Go-to coffee shop order?
A: Iced green tea
M: Black dark roast
– Go-to Ben and Jerry’s flavor?
A: I don’t really eat ice cream…
M: Cherry Garcia
– Last gift you gave someone?
J: It would been for my granddaughter, I can’t help myself!
A: Gourmet Gummy Bears to my best friend’s three young children.
– What were you like in high school?
J: Party girl!
A: Typical blend of confident and not, did well in school, took on too much, had a lot of friends in different circles with a smaller circle of close friends, athletic, made some stupid choices (thankfully nothing huge), learned from them.
– What TV/movie character would you be and why?
J: Superwoman – love to do things that others can’t to help people.
A: Laura Croft, smart, adventurous, sexy and tough!
– What type of vacation would you plan if you had all the money?
J: Beach vacations are my favorite, but really I prefer adventure. I am headed to New Zealand in February with my husband and 10 amazing friends. Can’t beat that!
A: Around the world.
M: A peaceful getaway on the beach with no plans.
– What are you working toward in your free time?
J: To have free time! LOL!
A: Balancing life.
M: My triathlon coach certification.
– Words or phrase that inspires you today:
J: Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion!
M: Find the good.
– Last thing you typed into Google?
J: Co-Op Advertising ( don’t ask me why)
A: Sailing tips
M: Glute med activation exercises.
Julie Marchese
Andrea Gleason on the left!
– How long have you been in the wellness business?
J: over 12 years
A: 12 years as a USAT Coach, 6 years as a Yoga Teacher
M: 15 years
– Can you describe how your career in health & wellness start?
J: It started by my mom and myself getting breast cancer.
A: I eased into it transitioning from a hobby to a part time business to a full time business and passion.
M: Massage therapy.
– When do you feel the most successful?
J: When everyone is having a good time and being successful.
A: When I teach or coach, when the Maine YogaFest arrives
M: When I am connecting the people (massage/spa clients, my employees, my runners, training partners and friends)

– What is one challenge you faced getting to where you are now?
J: Cancer
A: Redefining myself. After 20 years with the same company, I still don’t have an easy answer when someone asks me what I do.
M: Overcoming my lack of boundaries and learning when to say no when I really need to.
– What accomplishment are you most proud of?
J: Creating Tri for a Cure
A: The lives that I have positively touched.
M: Raising over $34,000 for the Tri for a Cure over the last 4 years 🙂

– What advice would you give women who want to enter the wellness & health industry?
J: If it is your passion – just do it!
A: Making a viable living as a yoga teacher / studio owner or coach is fiscally challenging. You have to be willing and able to make a leap of faith and have the fortitude to ride it out as your business builds. You have to have a business plan that includes factoring in that these kinds of roles are lifestyle choices, wildly rewarding on a personal level, but not a “get rich quick plan”. You have to know your strengths and find people who can help you with the areas that are not within your expertise. I farm out the social media.
M: Stay true to your authentic self and trust your knowledge & experience.
– What has been your favorite continuing education, certification or training?
J: Being a Race Director is so rewarding. Most people have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. That is what makes it so rewarding…
A: I love it all! Whether I do a 1 hour webinar or a 200 – 300 hour training, I look for the takeaways that I can build into how I coach or teach.
M: Lokte Method – a connective tissue stretching technique
– Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Julie: It is better to have tried and failed then to have never tried.

Andrea: Two that I live by:
Baby steps are ok! Take bite size pieces. Sometimes you might move forward 2 steps and back 1, sometimes 2 forward and 3 back.
You are here in today’s body. Not the body you had 2 or 20 years ago, not the body you want for the summer. You are here with what ever you have for nutrition, hydration, sleep, emotions, stress…honor that.
Maura: Remember to stay calm, cool & collected
Andrea and friends by the ocean 🙂

Thank YOU Julie, Andrea and Maura for taking the time to share!
If you’re reading this – THANK YOU for reading the entire post to the end! Amazing.
I hope it was a fun read and you feel inspired by these three local, healthy living enthusiasts who are all doing their things to keep Maine active and healthy.

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