Gaby Barboza – RN, Hydrotherapist, & Yoga Studio Manager

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Gaby’s smile is simply the best! Scroll down for my fav pics that show it off! 😉

You’ll notice it right away. I super attracted to people who smile a lot. I vibe with them.

But for real, this girl has true uplifting energy, and it doesn’t stop with her smile. Within a few minutes of catching up, I felt at ease and energetically lit up in her presence. This is rare. Gaby is a person who fills up your cup when you spend time with her. She’s one of those people. Simply – the best.

We met for coffee to chat about this post among other things, like hydrotherapy, yoga teacher training, and sitting with pain. Not surprising, we got into the deep stuff fairly quickly. I felt comfortable voicing painful experiences, trusting quickly that she could hold space and reserve judgements.

She gifted me a hydrotherapy session which I’m sharing more on soon! But this post is specially about her answers to my questions about her life in the wellness business plus other random and slightly serious questions.

Gaby has so much to share and give to the world. Let me introduce ya!


Name: Gabrielle (Gaby) Barboza

Location: Portland, Maine

Occupation: RN – working as a Hydrotherapist & Office Manager for Dr. Corina Dunlap. Studio Assistant Manager at the Portland Yoga Project.

Age: 27

Where can we find you?  
Health Resonates and The Portland Yoga Project! I also love to spin at Reve.

Social media: @intuitivehealing_

On her nightstand: It’s across the room where my phone charges next to a salt lamp and white crystal rock. I never let my water bottle out of sight so that is in bed with me.

Random item in your bag right now: My dearest oil, ylang ylang, and a pack of dark chocolate peanut butter dipped almonds that I got in a gift bag. I avoid dairy and they are mocking me. Any takers?!

What book do you always recommend to people: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

What does your self care/love routine look like? Through self exploration, I have learned that I refuel by being quiet and/or alone. The more I allow myself this time (sometimes having to say no multiple times on busy weeks), the better my relationships have become. My self love routine changes as I work to tune into the things I need.

Describe your fitness/movement routine: I feel my best when I move my body early to mid morning, after I’ve woken up a bit and ideally after I have some matcha running through me. Right now, it looks a lot like yoga/barre at PYP, spin, and I am working on bringing heavy weights back into my routine. I move in a way that feels the best to me on that day, even if that is just a long walk. My fitness mindset is no longer associated with a physical aesthetic, which has been so freeing.

Favorite Maine activity?
Spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible before the deep freeze. Maine back road drives are my favorite!
Favorite foodies spot in Maine?
Admittedly, Whole Foods.
What do you think about in the car?
Some of my deepest thoughts happen in the car, haha. Aliens, how everyone is on this crazy little mission, lots of gratitude
What song is on repeat right now?
All thing KHALID
Last gift you gave someone?
A matching black essential oil bracelet to my boyfriend.. LOL
What were you like in high school? 
If you had all the money, what type of vacation would you plan?
Somewhere warm with a breeze, quiet, and far far away from cell service
Words or phrase that inspire you today:
You are who you have been waiting for.
What are you working toward in your free time?
More reading and the least amount of mindless phone time as possible. I am loving my new oracle deck that a friend gifted me!
Last thing you typed into Google?
How K2 helps Vitamin D absorption. Nerd alert!


How long have you been in the wellness business? 4 years

Can you describe how your career in health & wellness start?
I worked at MMC for a little over 4 years as a nurse on a medical-surgical/trauma unit and then in the ER. I now work in my dream setting at Health Resonates alongside Dr. Corina Dunlap, a local Portland naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s health (she’s incredible!!). I provide Reiki/hydrotherapy there. I also work at the Portland Yoga Project.. my happy place!
What is one challenge you faced getting to where you are now?
Recognizing that I have the power to change my life path NOW and I am not on anyone’s timeline. I used to picture myself working in these settings 10 years from now and didn’t expect it to happen so soon. This shifted when I started to let go of my limiting beliefs and tap into my potential, which allowed me to step into my current life.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My transition out of the hospital! There is a stigma within nursing that you have to start or stay in bedside nursing for a certain amount of time but it wasn’t serving me. My passion lies within naturopathic medicine and I am feeling so fulfilled by the “work” I am doing now.
What advice would you give women who want to enter the health & wellness industry? Cliche, but find what truly lights your soul up. Inquire and build community within your passions (you can have more than one!)
What has been your favorite continuing education, certification or training?
I have a really huge feeling this will be my future Yoga Teacher Training at PYP!
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Listen to your inner voice.

I feel honored to witness your transition. I remember sitting in the sauna at Tula and you were telling me about working nights as an RN. Seeing you only a few months later pursuing a new direction of work and charging straight ahead is inspiring and incredibly encouraging to all who see you.
You are a breathing example of someone following what they love and having fun along the ride of life. I love it so much!
Thank you for being patient with this post too – I’m so glad I finally got it up.
Big love!

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