Finding Balance with Workshops, Pizza & Barre.

October was a challenging month! There were so many opposing forces and feelings happening. Many times all at once. It took concentration as well as letting shit go to get through.

I didn’t sleep as much as I should. But I also woke up regularly at 6:30/7am to workout, do yoga, meditate, or start work early. Here are my home workout and yoga videos I use for my personal practice.

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I didn’t workout as much as I wanted. FYI most morning were restorative yoga and meditations because my bod and brain were stressed. But the work I do involves so much movement, and sometimes a workout in itself, that I didn’t beat myself up about it.

I spent wayyyyyyy too much money. Mostly on new clothes and shoes. But I also made more this month than I have in several years. Here’s my new job, in case your curious.

I spread myself so thin with work I was on the verge of tears. And some nights I gave myself permission to not burn the midnight oil and just curl up with a book and tea and leave it for tomorrow. I’m currently reading Women Code and I just ordered May Cause Miracles.

I neglected my lovely blog. Yet I took two workshops that opened my eyes to new information and tools for my lifestyle and work. Future posts in the works.

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My mat and aerial hammock at TULA

I feel like my social life sort of sucks. I’m happy as a clam when I go to TULA and hang out with my new friends I’ve made at spin and aerial classes. I might not be dancing the night away, but laughing in the sauna with a cup of tea is pretty rad in my opinion.

I saw my ex and my body convulsed with sick anticipation. At the same time I spent a glorious 12 hours with a great friend from the Peace Corps and we laughed and ate pizza and it was exactly what I needed.


I could go on. My point with these reflections is to show what balance looked like for me this past month. To give the reader permission to feel tired, energized, lazy or passionate and while this is happening, to remember you’re on the right path to the next adventure.

Just a few more things that filled up my cup this month . . .

Taking barre and yoga class The Rooted Collective Barre and Yoga Studio. I’m so in love with this studio – if you’re visiting Portland, let’s go together.

Free Solo made me want to hug my soon to be child every single day. (You’ll get the reference if you watch it!) It was an amazing documentary. You do not need to be into rock climbing to appreciate. Alex Honnold is such an interesting character and the story is insane. I’ve been talking about his thumb strength ever since.


Diffusing Balance in my office!

I took an AromaTouch workshop at Willard Beach Studio which I loved so much. I’m starting to learn about DoTerra essential oils and I’m now using a diffuser in my office space on a regular basis. It has made a huge mental clarity difference.

Finally, I signed up for a Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge with Jennifer Racioppi that starts on November 7th. I love her newsletter – so I decided to give this reflection challenge a try. Here is a mini description in case you’re curious – Totally, 100% FREE, The Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge reveals how the 8 moon phases and 12 signs of the zodiac are instrumental in not only bringing your dreams to fruition, but also a vital component of your personal power—the part of you that is deeply rooted in rhythm of nature, intuition, and wellbeing.full moon

How did October go for you? Was it filled with opposing moments and energy as well? Let me know in the comments or on social media. Let me know if you are inspired to explore anything I included in this post OR you have questions about anything!





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