Finding Balance: Time to Thrive in 2020 – Tools and Thoughts to Tranform

In the month of November –

I found balance through staying busy with work and coping with change through lots of rest. If you follow me on social or you know me in real life – there have been several shifts in my life that made November 2019 one for the books and also where blogging had to take a back seat. To be honest, I lacked very little inspiration, and I channeled whatever I had into my yoga classes.

BUT NOW IT’S DECEMBER. I feel fresh and focused. I’m ready to reflect on 2019 and manifest 2020 like a boss.

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Ready to take on 2020 with me!?

My coach Sam Skelly made an AMAZING vision planner for doing exactly that.  Here is her workbook ! My most successful habit in 2019? MEDITATION. Making stillness, solitude, and breathe a part of how I wake up in the morning, how I reset midday, or how I wind down before bed has been a game changer. It all depends my daily schedule. In an ideal world, every morning and every night for 20 minutes is what I shoot for. I’m working up to it!

Today, I am consistent with it. I always make time for 20 minutes of meditation. It could be a visualization, guided, with music, or in silence – either way, the benefits are that I move about my day with more intention, clarity and curiosity than ever before. If you want a few resources on meditation or a few of my favorites – here is my meditation playlist on YouTube.

If I’m not in meditation –

I’m probably driving and listening to a podcast because some days I feel like that’s all I do! I recently discovered Meredith Rom’s podcast and her Rise and Thrive guide. Damn – these two workbooks together would be an afternoon of incredible 2020 clarity.

Meredith’s FREE Rise and Thrive guide (on her site when you subscribe to e-mails) is truly worth reading. Unlike most freebies! There are several nuggets of wisdom in there, but here is an important one to keep in mind which I quoted below.  Remember – “a goal without a plan is just a wish”, and part of that plan needs to be envisioning it.

Your vision is your guiding post, your North Star. It is free to change with time but helps you know where you are headed. – Meredith Rom

I also pulled this visual from the guide too, which I really liked:

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This is what I want to work on in 2020. Feminine versus masculine and finding the yummy balance between the two. The whole document guides you through these eight essential areas of well-being to begin creating the life you envision.

Her self-love page is amazing. Amidst all the transformation she reminds us to

Accept and nurture yourself for exactly where you are because self-love is giving yourself permission to not have to grow too fast.”

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self love = buying myself flowers, candles lit all day, poetry in the morning

A present self love ritual is my skin care.

I know two people who sell Beautycounter, gave me sample, and now I’m hooked. I have the charcoal mask, dew skin, and blush. The mask is amazing to indulge during a night in with a little vino. This Countertime Regimen Set is PHENOMENAL.

If YOU want to snag samples, meet my girl Jennifer, to chat clean and safe skincare! I planned a Beautycounter pop up at Athleta on Saturday December 14th! I use and love the products as I do Athleta’s yoga pants, check out the details for …

The Ready to Radiate Beautycounter pop up at Athleta Old Port!

In regards to Christmas Day…

I AM GETTING CHILLS WATCHING THE TRAILER FOR LITTLE WOMEN. I will go on December 25 alone or with someone. If you want to come – let me know!

…and feeling like I’m part of the revolution of entrepreneurial millennials,

An article from THE CUT interviews AOC’s career coach. The article ends with this quote,

“Millennials are told we’re entitled for thinking about what would make us feel fulfilled, AOC thought it would be selfish to stop working, to follow her curiosity. In reality, what is selfish is not taking responsibility for your own happiness. And that is a political act.”

Read THAT here.

To end with a personal development that is a bit more medical –

I recently discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza and I’m so thrilled. He’s a neurobiologist specializing in rewiring the brain to make lasting change. The video below is SO GOOD. It’s also comforting because it answers a question I’ve contemplated a lot:

Do people change?

He says they can, they do, and it starts with awareness.

He mentions a “new model of change.” Not the cause and effect model, but the quantum model, about the human being doing the causing  – meaning you begin to experience your own worthiness and abundance before it occurs. HELL YES – watch this vid.

A couple great quotes:

“When you say “I am (anything), you are commanding your mind and body toward a destiny.”

Through Hungry for Happiness, I’ve realize that when we use the term “I am…” we are identifying, rather than experiencing. Identification is constrictive because it feels like your essence. “I AM experiencing” is expansive, it is open to interpretation, and you have an opportunity to be curious about your “experience.”

For example, rather than think, “I am ashamed of last night’s binge” transform that to “I am experiencing the sensation of shame from emotional eating.” This reframe allows space from what happened, in order to better understand and observe it. This “space” helps me get curious about why I feel ashamed or guilty. This is the story at the root of the numbing – it’s not the food or the trigger, it’s the underlying belief.

“Most people’s biology is for the most part their past.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

So much internal struggle stems from what happened in the past. I know this to be true for me. If you want a great resource about how trauma impacts us today, check out The Body Keeps The Score.


I just added a little something something to my resource page! I have been reading Jennifer Racioppi’s Lunar Logic Blog for a while. Sometimes I skim it, some days I’m enthralled and taking notes. I just love how she presents astrological information. I infuse the information into my yoga classes regularly and receive positive feedback.

Screen shot 2019-12-09 at 1.52.02 PM

So if you’re curious about getting more in tune with la luna – check out her blog and definitely download her Lunar Logic Free E-book. It breaks down the signs just a little and she also talks about each phase of the moon and what to focus on during them. Easy to explore on your own time – which I love.

You can access this resource and many others right here!

Hi, hello, thank you for reading <3

If there was any part of this blog that felt really good and got you curious – I would love to hear from you! Comment below, on an IG post, DM me, what have you! I’m always curious about who lands from where and what they enjoyed the most.

Sending love from Maine!





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