Finding Balance: slipping self care & Spring routines.

Some days my head is fried and full. Some days it’s buzzing and begging for stimulation. 

I’ve been taking this COVID-19 down time one day at a time. But being able to truly tune in – notice my energy with a body scan, check-in emotionally via journaling, and breath into physical sensations with yoga has been a savior of this situation. 

I notice where and why I’m holding onto something – I have time to nurture and understand. I get to deconstruct the underlying belief or process memories that are keeping me stuck in a thought pattern. I get to love on old wounds that might have quietly continued to rule my life. The healing has been profound – no matter how small or significant. 

Self massage is one of my favorite forms of self care. I love my theracane!

Self care / self love / slowing down / feminine energy / mindful living / being present – there are a lot of ways to describe the concept of nurturing yourself and healing the body. It’s entirely up to you how it goes and how long it lasts. I share my self care routine here.

“Habits and routines are so easily thrown out the window in times of stress.”

On the well timed topic of what to do when your self care slips – this article “How to Stick to Your Routine Amidst Stress” made a few amazing points:

  • be greedy about your morning routine
  • listen to the rhythms of your body & meet it’s basic needs
  • create your self care roadmap
  • the gift of “me” time
  • embrace the unpredictable

I encourage you to read, reflect and re-prioritize. What hit home for me was not surviving COVID on coffee, chocolate and wine…I really need to make water intake more of a priority and watch how much sugar I’m consuming.

maybe the coffee & chocolate habit isn’t totally “serving me”

With Spring weather and stress, it’s crucial to get outside for an afternoon stroll. I shoot for after my midday meal – since it helps stimulate digestion and keeps your nervous system chill and optimal so the body can focus on absorbing the nutrients from your food. #biohack

During these Spring strolls, I have been especially enjoying The Rising Women Leaders & BrenĂ© Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast –

here is a list of my favorites that really help with food, body and soul growth. 

More time at home has inevitably led to more screen time. But I’m also enjoying watching things I never would have had time fore.

This short film, Hair Love, about a dad, daughter and hair styles made me cry. 

The website – Open Culture is pretty phenomenal. Free movies, documentaries, courses, and others things to keep you entertained but also learning. I could go down a rabbit hole that when I came out be like – ok that wasn’t totally Workaholics useless – nahwatimean? But also god bless Adam for making me feel smart.

If you’re following me on social media you might have noticed I’m diving into Ayurveda quite a bit with the time on my hands. This is translating to trying recipes with seasonal ingredients and slowly transitioning my current kitchen staples into one that follows vedic recommendations. I’m being easy on myself. Making too many changes can backfire sometimes. #findingbalance

At first it was sleep and playing with the Ayurvedic clock to create a routine that flowed with the natural energy cycles of the day.

I created a guide to share this wisdom here if ya want it!

Now I’m playing in the kitchen. Using The Everyday Ayurvedic Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell I picked four recipes to try this week that felt doable and got the ingredients for them. #simpleshifts

Cooking with seasonal produce had been the big message here. Even if it’s not “perfectly Ayurvedic” I still recognize how beneficial it is for the body and the environment to get local, in season produce.

So when I can, I’m creating a few recipes from this Spring Season Recipe Guide from one of my favorite cooking blogs, Minimalist Baker.

I am planning to make these Morrocan-Spiced Roasted Carrots for dinner!

I get to meditate nearly every day – Insight Timer makes this easy. The app is intuitive to navigate and filled with incredible content. If meditating has been a goal for you, I highly recommend allowing this app to help build it. You won’t regret it. 

Let’s circle back to self care because it’s so important in times of stress. If you’ve seen a few of your habits fall to the way side – I’ll be the first to admit I’m with ya.

I’m missing yoga with people so hard.

I am extremely extroverted and slowing losing steam. It’s taking A LOT for me some days to get myself on my mat in the same space, with the same view, at the same time every day. Bleh. Some days I practice on the wood floors and allow my socks to do the sliding. hehe.

Tip: go without a mat a free flow to tunes.

What am I doing to find my balance with my NEED for people? Long ass phone calls baby.

Finally I also want to highlight this cool book archive blog. I’ve read two books this week. I was in major procrastination / slow down / stop-thinking-about-your-business mode and needed to dive into someone else’s story and writing. 

This Doing Me Doing Books blog is simply an archive of books the person has read. It’s a well designed, well intentioned space on the interweb. It’s a passion project of a graphic designer. It’s pleasing to browse. And it gave me an idea of what to read next. If you’ve ever thought about creating something that is simply that – an expression of you, your creativity, your style, your vibe, your interests – PLEASE GO FOR IT. I beg ya.

Because that’s how this little blog got started. And it still bring me joy typing to you.

Love you for reading and love you for connecting with me.

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