Finding Balance – SNL, Astrology & Unruly Bodies.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” —Winston Churchill

This SNL Nike Ad Parody is hilarious and I relate too (?) much.

Sunday reflections: The week was fun and turbulent. I had a few hours of solid studying but mostly I was all over the place. I feel guilt about the amount of time I lost to mindlessly checking e-mails without actually absorbing any information. My brain is on over stimulation mode and I feel the constant pressure of it. The physical and mental exertion of enjoying home and old friends, coping with my parents drawn out divorce, and the complications from selling my childhood home are a few of the main distractions.

The heavy and heartfelt discussions I’ve been having on a daily basis have become emotionally charging and draining. The dualities of love and pain, birth and death, moving on and remembering the past are so intense, it’s been difficult to balance everything well.

I went out this weekend with friends to relax a little, only to wake up the next morning even more exhausted with a head throbbing from too many drinks and not enough sleep. As April comes to a close I’m beginning to think about by big goals for May. More healthy socialization will be a focus. This means hikes and picnics instead of drinks and late night pizza. I’m really looking forward to my boyfriend visiting in a week so I can get creative with his trip and hopefully fulfill this new goal from the get go. Learning new strategies for stress relief and navigating a new environment will keep me on my toes for a while it seems.


Here are a few things I’m finding useful to my work-life balance:

Yoga To De-stress: A Video and Infographic from Yoga By Candace. Very appropriate for my current state of mind. My next errand trip will be to find an excellent scented candle.

Believe in astrological guidance? Minutes after I wrote the above reflection, this popped up in my e-mail: Full Moon in Scorpio: Change Your Story by Jennifer Racioppi. Jenn is an expert in astrology, women’s health, and finding success. And what do you know, her astrological insight this month was all about emotional intensity. (A concept I’ve been dealing with a lot.) She said, “A full moon in Scorpio represents a call to being in your body. Even though this full moon might elicit emotional intensity, the opportunity to channel it on behalf of what you intend to create in your life stands strong.” So inspiring!

“It’s time to break free of old patterns (even the seductive ones we think we need despite them causing harm.)”

These are the exact topics I’m very much dealing with. There were several more moments when reading her Full Moon in Scorpio post I had that sensation she was speaking directly to me. I truly understand people who find astrology all fluff, but if you enjoy a little insight once in a while, (like me) Jenn has a great monthly newsletter, and overall blog, that you should check out if your interest has been peaked.

This article about sleep and it’s importance in regards to weight management was great. I really liked how the author weaved the hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, into the discussion, as well as how sleep and cortisol levels are intricately linked. If you ever need a personal reminder, or want to educate a friend or family member about the importance of sleep, this article will help you hit those essential points.

Want more information about hunger and hormones? If you’re interested in exploring further the connection between hormones and our relationships with food, I highly recommend a book called FAT CHANCE, which describes in detail the biological systems that impact our behavior and food. It has multiple chapters about the history of agriculture and food policy in the United States too, putting the “obesity epidemic” into better perspective.

Searching for deeper writing and personal narratives concerning the human body? The Unruly Bodies anthology on Medium, curated by Roxane Gay is a powerful, emotional, cultural, and scientific take “exploring our ever-changing relationship with our bodies.” Her personal story on getting weight reduction surgery was loudly eye-opening. I literally read it out loud in the car with my mom. Heavy discussions followed.

If you care about international yoga world drama… (Such as a lack of transparency between brands and people.) I understand if you don’t. If you do know what I’m talking about, I remember reading Kino’s initial article on Elephant Journal and being pretty shaken about what was happening. Here’s a good piece shedding light on how complicated this situation really is.

Looking for a new nutrition blog? If you’re into nutrition and learning about the intersection between health food and lifestyle, I personally really enjoy the website Nutrition Stripped. They send out a monthly e-mail, so not overwhelming, and the website is jam packed with resources. Check it out for recipes and general wellness inspiration.

I recently discovered the Harvard Business Review Idea Cast podcast. The episode entitled, Harvard’s President on Leading During a Time of Change was awesome. Check it out to learn about how a leading institution is adjusting their approach to education.

Happy End of April, Beginning of May, and Sunday Full Moon!



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  1. Hey Liz,
    Been keeping up with your blog. I want to send some vibes and love from my side of the country. I’m so sorry to hear about the stresses happening at home… I can only imagine what that must be like during this crazy weird transitioning time of coming home, now coming home to a this new life… that’s incredibly difficult. So proud of you and your endless journey to keep growing and learning. Sending love out to you 💫
    Thinking about you and

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