Finding Balance: Questions on Life, Love, and Rules on Food.

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Reflections inside and out

It’s Sunday and I’m so wiped out. My legs are literally throbbing because I’ve been standing all day at Athleta and I can feel the tension crawl up my calves each time I point and flex my foot. I’m exhausted but pleased. I accomplished a lot this week: New car. Friendsgiving fun. Awesome Athleta event. Taught yoga to a friend and her mom. Worked really hard. My physical body is totally out of whack though. The food, lack of sleep and proper exercise, consuming alcohol, and over-working is sinking in quick. I’m looking forward to down time.

It’s about that balance. That in-between state where you love what you do but it’s not becoming what you’re defined by. Your lifestyle is challenging enough that you’re not bored but you’re not overwhelmed by constant change. You look forward to the people in your life. And you can make space for new energy and opportunity.


10 of cups Tarot card – first one pulled

It’s Wednesday and I just cried after listening to my tarot card reading from Kelly Rich. I literally bawled as she called her guides and my guides and told me things I didn’t know about, I needed to hear, or were already aware of but a gentle reminder was necessary. The connection accomplished was incredible. I’ll be listening again and journaling the whole time probably. If it’s something you’re interested in doing – highly recommended.

This post is filled with random things. Let me know what resonates.

An e-mail from Ladies Get Paid had the subject line:

“How the words ‘You should know her’ changed my life.”

The founder, Claire Wasserman, shares a few stories of being connected to women through other women and when it really paid off. Those words were the signal of support. The reality is that women with different gifts and passions will help you on your path in ways you can’t, so embrace it sooner rather than later.

I loved these stories. They highlighted the very real struggle of asking for help. Then they demonstrate the very real simple solution of asking for help. It was a gentle reminder that you cannot be everyone and do everything. There will be things better accomplished in pairs or groups. Grow your network, get to KNOW HER, because it all comes around when you feel like you’re failing.

From career to relationships…

I’m kind of, sort of exploring a new relationship. And it makes me think about my past relationships – what I liked and what I didn’t. I’m trying so hard to go slow. It’s in my nature to just jump into things, but for some reason that doesn’t feel right in this case. Patience is effortful for me.

That being said, an article in the New York Times caught my attention. The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. There is even a Modern Love podcast episode about two people answering them, which is really good. Maybe you’re in a relationship, looking for one, or curious about this strategic approach to building intimacy – either, or – take a look and give them a go.

And onto my relationship with food…

I have so much sweet potato left over from our Thanksgiving. So I’m going to try and put some to good use with this recipe for Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal from the Minimalist Baker. I used to always go to this blog for great recipes – so I’m excited to try this one out.

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Thanksgiving dining

What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with food? That tagline caught my eye and led me to read this article from Nutrition Stripped, a great nutrition blog I follow. This article hits the nail on the head in regards to how we think about food “rules” and the problems with “what I eat in a day” blog posts. I’ve never read a better explanation of what a healthy relationship with food is. She says,

“Having a healthy relationship with food could mean that you enjoy foods that you understand are promoting better health outcomes. For example, recognizing that eating enough protein per day contributes to maintaining lean muscle mass or that eating healthy fats can be good for cardiovascular and brain health.”

“It can also mean that you feel little to no guilt, shame, or regret around your food choices. That you may be more mindful during the times you do eat, slow down to enjoy the food for what it is. Eating until you’re comfortably full and eating again when you feel physical hunger. Giving yourself open relationships to all foods—not identifying something as clean/dirty or good/bad or on/off limits. Not planning a makeup meal or assigning planned cheat days to binge/overindulge. Focusing on nourishment for the body.”


I’m still redefining and improving my relationship with food. I have a long history with binge eating leading to excessive guilt and extreme amounts of exercise. Reading this was really helpful to some what define what a healthy relationship could and should include. Take a read and feel free to share if you also have struggled with finding your balance with food.

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Another challenging relationship: exercise

It’s Friday. I’m finally posting this. Meant to do it last week. The tab to my blog has been open since Wednesday. Let me know if you can relate.








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  1. I love this! So much resonates with me, and a lot of what’s been on your radar is on mine too. Soul sisters, I guess 🙂 miss you, love you

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