Finding Balance: My Blogiversary, Being a Grinch & Sweatered Goats

Exactly a year ago – I decided to make a blog about whatever on WordPress. I truly did not know what it would morph into at all. I started it to aid in my yoga journey, create a platform to market myself, and it’s still going strong. It feels so good!

That overjoyed feeling of accomplishment is sitting in me right now because I remember being so terrified to start this. I was thinking my writing is terrible or no one would read it. These things may still be true – but I’m way past caring because this corner of the internet is mine and I feel proud of that.

I hope I’ve created a tiny pocket of inspiration, realness and balance. Among many other things, but those are the words that came to my brain right now.

And that’s all a blog is – a representation of what you think you know in the moment and how your feelings choose to reflect that. It’s you.

This first photo I used for my bio – teaching fitness class in the Peace Corps 🙂

If you have been wanting to start a blog – I encourage you to take the little leap. Start writing and try to remain curious and non-judgmental. If you feel compelled to blog – there must be something inside you that’s stirring to share. Don’t repress it.

Sure, my writing has gone in waves, but I’m still putting it out there. I’m growing and learning about myself, and when I have time or feel ready to share, I do. I do so with good intention and love. I think if you do that – you won’t be sorry you did.

Here’s to another year of finding balance with a little help from my blog. <3



You may or may not know that I work for Athleta – a women’s fitness apparel brand which I adore.

This holiday season, I was literally front and center and fully experiencing the concept of retail therapy and gift giving without reason (at least it seemed like it). The spending in excess to lessen the stress, the obligation to buy something for someone you barely know, or the lack of thoughtfulness behind it was not resonating with me.

However, I wasn’t a complete Grinch – this is what I got my dad: Sweatered Goat Calendar


I discovered this on Goats and Soda – NPR’s Public Health blog. It’s a 2019 Calendar of Goats in Sweaters (my dad loves goats) and a percentage of the proceeds go to a school in India the photographer chooses to support.

Also I did enjoy this article (18 Gifts for the Minimalist) that gave a few great ideas for simple thoughtful gift giving. What’s key here? Planning. Which I’ll admit I did not do.

This requires making your list in advance and deciding who you’re gifting what. Hence, thoughtful, but I might make the effort next year, ya never know. I’ll admit, I was lazy and my home life isn’t the merriest – so I wasn’t going to fight it. #findabalance

I also think writing notes is super lovely – so that’s what I’ll do for my man, and I’ll include a heart shaped rock I found on the beach. So Maine and corny. Sounds like me.

Collect simple treasures..

Lastly, if one of your 2019 goals is to be a little more informed…

The Interpreter is a great place to start. They don’t only discuss Trump. So that’s refreshing. The two journalists that write it will cleverly cover topics that keep popping up in the news but you can’t seem to gather all the pieces to make sense of it. Take Brexit for example, this is a recent article sent out from their newsletter: British Political Chaos, Explained for Chrissy Teigen (and Americans in General). 

I’m on a 2019 mission to improve my knowledge of my own digestive system through nutrition. The idea of a food journal makes me want to puke, but it may be a necessary evil to figuring out what causing all the lame, regular bloating I experience. I want a beautiful book of recipes specially made for my gut – is this too much to ask for? If you have any books that you love – send the titles my way.

I already have a great list of online resources I browse that are heavy on the plant recipes and curated cooking photos. Most of them have a nutritional education aspect to them – and you can find that list here – if you’re interested!

How do you feel about new year intention setting? Got any you want to share? Comment on social media or in the comments section and share your thoughts.




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