Finding Balance: Money Talks & Plant Goals

The original title of this blog post was: Love, Money, and Healing. I didn’t think it sounded clickable so I scrapped it, but to be totally honest, these words are so intertwined for me right now.

In terms of love and money, what I mean is the powerful ways relationships (family, romance, friendships) can be impacted by choices around money. Our money habits tell quite a bit about our history and personal values – what we think is valuable and worth spending cash on, how we choose to manage our money, and the way we talk or not talk about our finances. Many of us have a money story that was greatly influenced by the environment we grew up in – culture, socioeconomic status, parental values etc.

I wrote a blog post a while back sharing my personal money store – read it here.

I know a tiny bit about money ruining relationships. I’ve experienced it and witnessed it. It scares me because I want to think that these problems should be solvable with the correct amount of communication, right? Well, it depends on the people involved.

These two podcasts featuring Ramit Sethi opened my eyes to the potential greatness and mess that comes from being in relationships with money openness or money problems.

  1. Ramit went on Girls Gotta Eat and talked money issues in relationships and also personal financial success. This one ACTUALLY inspired me to buy Ramit’s book, I Will Teach You to be Rich.
  2. Ramit also chatted with Tim Ferris about prenups, automating your finances, and mercilessly cutting costs while turning up the money dial on things you love. It was interesting to listen to two guys openly talk about the burden and resentment they feel toward always picking up the check while dating.

A good Ramit quote is this:

“Everyone teaches you how to save money, but almost no one teaches you how to spend it.”

Take a little time to think on this one. And if you haven’t stopped to consider what your personal relationship is with money, I suggest you start exploring. Go to the library and grab You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. Reflecting on my money story and mindset has in a way been healing. But of course it’s not all happening here.

One of my many May goals was to buy a plant. So I bought several! I also went to my local farm and ordered 2 yards of compost and top soil. Yep, you guessed it…

I’m gardening! I begged my Dad to build me a raised bed and he happily did so. I’ve overly filled my plot with cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, peppers, squash and brussel sprouts. It’s pretty much an experiment at this point but it feels really good to be doing something outside my normal day to day. I teach a lot of yoga and fitness, and then hang out with those people for my day job with Athleta. I love what I do – but like everything, we need different types of stimulation to keep life interesting.

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After getting my garden in the ground – I’m already itching to take care of more plants! Plants are pretty and trendy and do wonders for your home – so I’m sold to at least give this plant people lifestyle a try. But where to begin? This article by Jules from Om & the City was so great for a little guidance.

I LOVE this blog. She writes about things I like to read about – like wellness and weaving mindfulness into the everyday. She is a yoga teacher with a blog not just about yoga. Hopefully this sounds familiar. I highly recommend you check out her blog, gram, and newsletter. Her content is quality and her plant, minimalist lifestyle is pretty much goals.

These are the topics permeating my wellness mind right now: relationships, money and plants. I should probably just spend all my time and money on plants and maybe my relationships will figure themselves out!? One can only hope…

Let me know if you get this far and if you are feeling these topics too. Comment below or message me on the gram. Follow me there for a regular peek into my life as well.





3 thoughts on “Finding Balance: Money Talks & Plant Goals

  1. One can never have too many plants! Seeds are great for first forays into gardening because they are so affordable! Glad I came across your blog I look forward to following!! Evelyn

    1. Thanks for the tip! The thing with seeds though – you need to start them EARLY. I live in Maine and it’s hard for the growing season. So happy you’re following me!

      1. I live in Maine too!! It is a bit of a shorter season than the Midwest (where I was before moving to Maine last year) but there are still tons of things you can grow by seed here!! 🙂

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