Finding Balance: Job Changes, Movies for Yogis & a Podcast for Starting Sh*t

Seasons are changing in Maine! The weather is crisp in the mornings and afternoon. The beach isn’t overly crowded. People are getting back to work and the amount of out of state license plates has dwindled. I can sense the settling into Fall routines with almost everyone I interact with.

Wallingford Orchards in Auburn, Maine

A big theme in my yoga classes has been around grounding and recognizing your foundations. I’ve encouraged my students to let go of what isn’t serving them anymore as summer comes to an end. Maybe let go of a project you didn’t get to and ask yourself why it didn’t happen. But with love and appreciation for all the other fun activities you were up to. Take transitions as opportunities of inquiry, for your priorities and your routines. Notice what is helping your growth and what might be holding you back.

My life is equally in a transitional state as the next person. I got a new job I’m really excited about and I’m trying to set space aside in my home for an office. I’m teaching at two new places come October and I’ll be letting go of my community class at the Breathing Room, because I need Fridays for the new gig.

Anyway, as I navigate these waters filled with new people, places and commitments, I continue to search for a little bit more balance…

So here are my musings. The things that keep me inspired, concentrated and driven to keep up with all the challenges and changes.

Now that it’s getting colder – movie season is coming (for me!). Instead of heading out on a hike or savoring the beach weather, I love getting cozy with a movie, blanket and popcorn. When the air turns cold, this becomes my favorite afternoon downtime activity. Shut Up and Yoga posted an awesome article called 10 Modern Films Every Yogi Should See. Kung Fu Panda, Cats in Istanbul, and a movie narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch is on the list. You’ve gotta check this great post out if you love movies and yoga like me!

Chakra Yoga Class at Arcana Healing Hearts

I recently discovered a Wild Women’s Circle held by Danielle in Portland. The blog is awesome and I actually included a playlist from them in a post about moon cycles a couple weeks back. A recent post I enjoyed reading (instead of doing work at the studio I work at), was The Campfire Stories  – a collection of intimate tales from Wild Women leaders. I read a few of the Full Moon Campfire Stories and felt good feels. I love reading people reflecting about themselves, it tends to give me deep insight into myself.

I took a longer than normal drive this past Saturday to an apple orchard to attend an event with Be Well Portland. The only reason I was looking forward to this drive was because I had two podcasts locked and loaded. My go-to resource for for creatives and women entrepreneurs, Mavenly + Co Women Work & Worth podcast did not disappoint!

My work life is falling into place quickly. It’s become apparent I need to pay better attention to my systems and a few other essential topics that freelancers or side hustle entrepreneurs should not ignore. These two episodes, Five Must Have’s Before Starting Your Own Business and Helping You Start Sh*t were super helpful. I feel like I know what I need to focus on for the next couple months for my personal work growth, and that feels great.

That’s what I got! Movies for down time. Stories for inspiration and connection. Podcasts for guidance. I hope you found some useful or interesting content at some point. Let me know what resonated or if you have any questions, comment below or ask on social.




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