Finding Balance: Intentions for 2019

Here we are – several days into January 2019. I’ve been ruminating on my intentions for about a week. Debating whether to share or not. Thinking if it would be too personal or boring. Let’s see what happens…

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Peek down at your feet. Find your balance.

I’m one for sitting with my intentions for a couple days – to allow them settle into my brain for a bit before 100% deciding the degree of commitment I’m going to make.

The world around pressures us to choose, commit and thrust ourselves into intense challenges, goals, or intentions as soon as our eyes open on January 1st. I don’t think it’s very sustainable or honest.

I encourage you to first be soft with yourself. Be gentle and cheer yourself on for all the amazing stuff you accomplished in 2018. To have a full day or week dedicated to that mentality, without the distraction of holidays, should be step number one in my opinion. Instead of starting the year focusing on what we lack – let’s acknowledge and savor what we’ve completed.

Once we feel positive about ourselves, that’s the space and time when we’re ready to set meaningful personal aspirations that align with what we truly want and need – not what society tells us to want and need.

I believe in these mindful intentions. Intentions that have passion, curiosity, and love behind them. Goals that are made to make you a better person. To prove to yourself that hell yes you can get that business up and running, make it to three yoga classes a week, or plan out your bomb garden for the Spring…

Whatever the intentions you make – set aside time to deeply reflect on them. After sitting with the goals you’ve come up with, perhaps filtered a few out, allow the manifestation to begin! Access your natural intuition and approach them in the best way YOU know how to accomplish things – which is different for every person. For me, it’s my planner and journal. For you, it might be a friend or a financial investment. Reflect, decide, GO FOR IT.

Here’s a peek into my personal journal and intentions for 2019…

In 2019 – I want to be more present. That can mean a little less social media and a little more writing for myself. A little more gratitude for what I’ve been given – and less worry about what should/could have been. 

Forgive yourself yourself every night. Recommit every morning.

In 2019 – I will be more intentional with my words. Working toward thoughtful, kind and compassionate conversations with people – active listening and truly taking an interest in what people are saying, along with their time and energy.

I will continue to take time to reflect and have moments to feel proud of how far I’ve come. I want January to be a month of preparation and grounding. I will assess my specific goals to see what resonates well – to decide what sticks and what I should drop.

In 2019 I will be content and allow what I have to wash over me when I need the comfort.

The above is how I want to feel. Below is what I would love to accomplish.

  • Continue to blog with my two series: Finding Balance & Women in Wellness. Engage with other blogs and bloggers that I enjoy. Specific: set aside time in weekly planning specifically for blog work.
  • Learn more about anatomy and yoga to become a better yoga instructor. Specific: Read at least two books on body mechanics and yogic philosophy this year.
  • Develop photography skills – acquire a good camera and learn how to use it. Put it to use to improve your photos for social media and blog. Specific: save money to buy a camera.
  • Grow some plants, veggies and flowers! Specific: Get a great book and start planning before Spring with Anastasia.
  • Travel to see your people. Go for a few adventures for yourself. Have fun and return invigorated and refreshed. Specific: Plan your trip to Hawaii to see Nico.
  • Keep in better touch with people you love! Write them letters. Specific: write down their names and birthdays and get going.
  • Be thoughtful about what I consume – what you buy and how you spend money reflect your values and needs. Get smart with your finances and make sure you’re living an authentic life. Specific: Monthly budgeting and saving every month!
  • Make time to slow down, reflect, assess, ask for help – do what you need so you don’t burnout. Keep my momentum going but don’t push too hard. Push past the comfort zone but remember you can chill in it too. Specific: Journal once a week.

My 2019 intentions! I hope you love. Writing this felt super good. Thanks for being here and reading my words. Grateful for you. Feel free to let me know what you think. Text me – slide into my DMs – comment on my posts – whatever feels right! 😉




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