Finding Balance: Immunity, Cacao, & Breathwork

It’s been officially three full weeks since everything got put on hold.

Week one was shocking and emotional. I was trying to understand the impact and how I felt about it. I also was fairly aloof to be honest. I don’t watch the news and my information trickled to me through friends and social media.

Week two was kind of, dare I say, fun? I enjoyed the change of pace and embraced all the things I could accomplish. I AM PRODUCTIVE was my mantra. What can I create?! DO DO DO.

Let’s get real for a sec – I know no one personally infected, I live alone in a safe home. My work has dropped significantly, but I was saving so I’ll be ok, plus I have no dependents.

Even if your situation is drastically different than mine – I still hope you find value in this and I wish you all the best during these strange times.

Week three has been the real adjustment for me personally. Accepting that this is my new normal for the undetermined future and surrendering to the story. I am course correcting and going back to my self care practices in a way that never seemed so important until now. My body is adjusting to not moving as much and mentally that’s a challenge. My extroverted soul is adjusting to not seeing friends and teaching. My eyes are adjusting to the increase in screen time.

So it seems like the perfect time to share how I am very literally “finding balance.”

In case you didn’t know – that’s the name of this blog and my longest running blog series! It’s a current round up of the health related topics I’m exploring to keep my well being moving in a positive direction.

Since building immunity is on everyone’s mind – this article popped into my e-mail from Kripalu about building immunity naturally. Regardless of corona – Spring is a time when our body is shedding the excess liquid and weight we carried all winter. Properly protecting and strengthening our systems is so essential! The author talks about your “inner fire” or agni. The “agni within is a power that warms, protects, purifies, and transforms, binding what is beneficial and supportive, while destroying waste and non-essentials.”

Here are 7 Ways to Fire Up Agni for Better Immunity!

Agni is an Ayurveda term for inner fire.

With the downtime, I’m loving learning about Ayurveda! It’s one of my many intentions. The way I am integrating this wisdom immediately is by building a supportive daily routine – that feels purposeful and filled with self-love. Especially in this wacky time, I think this has nearly saved me. It’s also a way to build immunity because routine soothes the nervous system.

I created a free resource for anyone curious to learn about the Ayurvedic clock and the natural energetic rhythms of the day.

In case you’re curious these are things I do right when I wake up from about 7-8am: scrape my tongue, boil water for lemon water, oil pull teeth with coconut oil, facial roll with a FROZEN rose quartz roller (the coolness on my skin is invigorating!), splash face with cool water, make the lemon water, and then sit and stare. Depending on my emotions, I will do breath work, meditation, ready poetry or journal. 8-9:30am I move: yoga, HIIT, cardio kick, run. 9:30 – 10am I get ready to work from home: make coffee, organize, pick up.

My nightly routine that I try to start by 8pm is dry brushing my body, warm shower, self massage with oil, brush teeth, facial treatment (gua sha or mask), make tea, and then settle into bed with a book.

I love using Abura’s replenishing serum after a self gua sha session and Beautycounter’s charcoal mask is one of my favorite indulgences as well.

And when my cacao comes in a few days – that is sure to be part of my wake up routine.

I facilitated a yoga/cacao experience in February and we used Firefly Chocolate. It was an incredible experience and I’ve been wanting more for a long time to use in my daily spiritual practice. Something deep within whispered: now is the time.

When I placed my order they gave me a link to share 5% off ! A pop up will ask for your e-mail and you’ll get a discount code.

This community has been doing virtual cacao ceremonies, which I can’t wait to join. All you need to do is brew your cacao and hop on zoom! Much like all things these days. I’m super excited to cultivate this.

from Firefly Chocolate’s website

Recently I was connecting back to “my why” as a food, body and emotional eating coach.

As I was writing – I decided to google: “how to end diet culture.” Super original, I know. But This article came up and I thought it hit the nail on the head plus at the bottom the author shares “5 tips to dismantle diet culture”. I enjoyed it – so, maybe you will too.


I have been participating in a 30 Day Breathwork challenge hosted by Tania from Spiraldance Breathwork. 5-10 minutes of breathing a day might keep corona away!

Ah – I love it. It’s also a great way to settle into the body before a meditation practice.

I also breathed WITH my boyfriend after watching this video on Dr. Jen Esquer’s Instagram. I thought it was so incredibly sweet and I’d never heard of it before, so of course I wanted to try it. We did it at night and in the morning when we first woke up and it was super special. Highly recommended.

I mentioned this moment to a friend and she shared how she and her partner will come back together after a day or few hours apart to tune back into each others energy. She uses partner breath work, eye gazing and massage to name a few. This might be a life saver for couples feeling strained with quarantine…

And if you’re having a hard time right now –

I want you to know this will pass and I encourage you to look at this as an opportunity to assess what you’re learning and how your growing. This healing meditation for self-soothing and connection during social distancing might do the trick. You will have an opportunity to send your love to all the people who need it. For some, this might be the best you can do – honor that.

Let me know what you want to learn more about and I’d be happy to do an IGTV or post about. Here to serve, help and inspire from my little abode!




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