Finding Balance: Gaga for Athleta, Dr. Ford & Frye

The past week was literally insane. I got my first dose of retail work experience and I can’t even begin to share everything. First off, I’m shocked at the attention to detail required to open a store at this level. I never imagined the amount of fixtures, clothing, and random boxes of stuff that is needed to get a store functioning. I know it sound naive and that’s because I totally am when it comes to the retail business.


When I walked into the store on Wednesday morning, it was essentially empty. By the end of the day on Friday, it was nearly ready for customers. I loved watching the store come to life by a team of passionate, hard working and dedicated Athleta lovers. The leadership was so incredible and I’ve truly never witnessed that level of organization. From massive (1000 + bags/boxes) amounts of shipment, to creative visual planning, to painstaking inventory protocol, my mind was blown by how it all came together so well.

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I’ve been living in an Athleta bubble for the last week and it was strange coming back to reality through my e-mails.

Here are a few things that popped up on my radar that I’ll be keeping in mind as I embark on another whirlwind week with Athleta.

Everyone and their mom (and my mom) are talking about A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. A few of my friends have seen it and they say its amazing so I’m really hoping to find time next week and go check it out. Lady Gaga is really impressing me – her interview with Stephen Colbert where she talks about Dr. Ford and why she spoke up to protect the American people gave me chills. Also if you watch the trailer and don’t get chills, I don’t think we can vibe.

There is a new moon and Libra, and even though I can’t tell you what that means, this girl can. I love how she writes about all the big moon moments. For example, “The truth may require you to give one part of your life your undivided attention for a season. It may ask you to drop the bullshit and get real about who you want to be in the world. But Justice will then ask you to tip the scales back to equilibrium through soul-nourishing recovery.” Um, how gorgeous is that put!? She poses a few questions at the bottom and I love using those for journal prompts.

I’m dying for a new pair of cute, stylish winter boots. I have my eye on these and I’m drooling thinking about living in them and splurging on a new pair of Frye boots. My all time fav bootie brand. I have a pair that I bought IN 2009 that I still wear to this day.


Due to being tied to the Athleta store – I didn’t have much time to stay up to date on the newest edition to our #metoo movement, Dr. Ford vs. Kavanaugh. But this article from The Interpreter, from the New York Times pulled together several resources and articles to help me better understand the deep cost of sexual harassment for women and why harassment is a tool for men to assert their masculinity.

Finally, in true fashion, here is a fun career productivity tip from the girls at Mavenly. This hit home for me because lately I feel like my head has been chopped off and I’m trying to accomplish so many different things every single day. It needs to stop. So, I should probably use this time management hack in real life ASAP. I’ll report back if I find success!

I’ll come up for air after the Athleta opening and maybe share what went well – and what didn’t!


Stay tuned <3




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