Finding Balance: Feminist Newsletters, Beyoncé, and my ‘aha’ Moment.

I’m sitting here sorting through e-mails. A heavy reminder that I’m on way too many subscription lists. I think I get three different New York Time’s newsletters. As I write, I’m listening to a playlist I made for my yoga class this afternoon.

If you use Spotify, take a listen to my Authenticity Flow playlist. 🙂


Instead of a planned out topic, I’m going to share the stuff that interests me from my e-mails and around the web. Just a few things to inspire you and share what I’m into these days.

The Good Trade’s daily newsletter is GREAT. One recent newsletter shared a post for the 6 Best Books on Natural Healing. I’m making note of interesting books because I have a book club and yoga class series in the works right now. So this may be a topic my students might want to explore more.

Um. Beyoncé wrote an essay for Vogue. Yep, read that shit.

Male and female energy was able to coexist and grow in my blood for the first time. I pray that I am able to break the generational curses in my family and that my children will have less complicated lives.

In other news, I know this statement is going to sound totally lame following Beyoncé, but I changed my title on Instagram from Blogger to Entrepreneur. You can scoff! I don’t blame you. But for me, it was scary AF. That’s an intentional title in a social media world that I use to sell myself. It’s terrifying.

When my life shifted a tad exactly a month ago, and I decided to put my energy into yoga and health indefinitely, I didn’t know where it would go. I’ve listened to enough podcasts to know that the first step to career changes is to surround yourself with the type of people you aspire to be and to be ridiculously open to opportunity. I’ve networked like crazy, reached out with good intention, and I’m pumped to have a lot of creative jobs lined up to take me through the end of the year.

I’m an aquarius. Highly organized, efficient and very innovative. According to every career astrology reading ever, I’m an entrepreneur to my core. This pissed me off every time, because since I was 18 years old, I dreamed about becoming a doctor. Like, I literally got mad because I felt like I wasn’t being understood by the stars. It was insane.

I told myself over and over again that I would never be an entrepreneur because I’m the least creative human ever. So it’s ironic for me that as I embrace the struggle to balance various job roles, hustle to help cool businesses, and teach yoga, I feel the best ever about the direction I’m going in and I literally create all day. WTF.

I resisted the entrepreneurial title for so long for reasons I cannot quite put my finger on, but at the heart it’s because I didn’t understand what that title meant. I’m realizing it means you do work on your terms. You choose the people you work with. You align work with your values. You trust the universe to bring you success. It’s worked for me so far.

Are you intrigued by life as an entrepreneur?

I was too without realizing it. A huge inspiration for me to start designing and living my best life was an incredible podcast that’s near and dear to my heart: Women, Work & Worth by I highly recommend the episode Living By Design, Not By Default with Darren Brustein.

Coincidentally, as I drove to an appointment for a potential yoga teaching job, (which I got!) I randomly selected this podcast without even looking at the title. By the end of it, I was like holy shit, this sounds like me. I guess I’m an entrepreneur. And when I got home I went from “blogger” to “entrepreneur”. The switch made my heart sing a little. Then I opened up The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey and read this random page:

“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability” – Brené Brown.

An “Aha” moment at it’s finest.

Ladies Get Paid is another great newsletter that keeps me motivated to remember that even as I thrive, many women continue to face sexism, unequal pay, glass ceiling..etc etc. We must keep supporting each other whenever and wherever. I love seeing their events across the country, the webinars they offer, and general tips to keep the conversation going to break the status quo. Obviously, their book rec was spot on for my life: LEAPFROG – The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs. So I just bought it off Amazon.

Gotta listen to the universe ya know!

That ends my rambles and recommendations. Comment below with any thoughts or share away with your favorite newsletters or podcasts!





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