Finding Balance – Feminine Energy, New Books & Investing in Myself.

It’s funny how in retrospect it feels like I begged for this to happen to me.

“I don’t know how I got here.” I told someone over coffee. “Yes you do.” She replied matter of fact.

It’s been two days in a row that I’ve opened my eye in the morning so excited to take on the day. Pay attention to that – it’s only been two days. I’m a total noob to this alignment living thing but damn does it feel SO GOOD.

I’ve had these spurts of feeling before. The days leading up to going to the Peace Corps…woof. The days leading up to my yoga teacher training. AMEN. The days I get to host events at Athleta. (Still the dream job.)

In the last month, a few things have recently shifted for me.

I want to share what they are and where they came from. I like to tell stories and I hope this one inspires you to co-create your own universe or start trying to.
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Co-creation at it’s finest – growing your own food!

It’s important to share that this did NOT come from lack of work and moments of exhaustion. These past few months my brain has been working in overdrive to shift my mindset almost every day. It works – I connect back to joy and purpose. But not without effort. I lacked connection to a higher purpose and especially certain types of energy.

It’s interesting that IT WAS CHANGE & RISK & DOING WHAT I DON’T NORMALLY DO that sparked my deep feelings of crazy creativity, inspiration, and feeling so wonderfully alive.

This came from the universe conspiring to help me. MY UNIVERSE. Our universe. Read The Alchemist if you have zero idea what this means.

The people and energy I surround myself with have helped me every step of the way. I am co-creating this amazing world and if I’m attracting you in then damn let’s go for a fun ride.

It goes FAR back – and it would take awhile to dissect all the moments that have been gently revealing themselves to me as stepping stones on my path. But I want to share three special sparks:

  1. The Freedom and Feminism Flow with Jennie at Maine Yoga Fest
  2. Shifts in my awareness and understanding of feminine energy
  3. Hungry for Happiness.

The blooming period began with Jennie – at Maine Yoga Fest. At her Freedom and Feminism Flow. I was there repping Athleta and promoting the #PowerofShe. Nothing new about that.

Jennie’s class was SO powerful. There was eye gazing, chanting and dance parties to Beyonce. We chatted about and connected to the divine feminine and Jennie was the perfect guide. I still have the index card we wrote on at the beginning of class next to my desk. She asked us two questions:

Why do you need divine feminine energy in your life?
Where can you invite more of this energy in?

My hot pink divine feminine energy index card reads:

  • To find my balance in life and invite in compassion and acceptance for myself.
  • I need it more in my yoga practice, my house, and my relationships.

These stuck with me like glitter after a crafting project. I could barely scrape them off and they kept appearing all over my clothes.

The next day the book I ordered from Amazon arrived on my front door step. The Universe was like – here ya go fool. The book is Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life and was recommended by Kelly Rich in her contributions to my blog.


The first few chapters are all about simplifying the reader’s understanding of hormones and understanding the differences and meanings of yin and yang.

YIN = feminine, moon, nourish, food, emotional comfort

YANG = masculine, sun, energize, digest, transformation.

“Duality is found everywhere in nature. Although sunlight and water have opposing properties (one heats while the other cools), together they provide essential elements for plant growth.” – Dr. Claudia Welch

I already highly recommend this book as well and I’m only about 30 pages in.

I get all gooey about my feminine energy and notice how masculine my life around me is, so I slow down. I take an actual full day off from working out. I drink warm tea. I sleep for 10 hours. This is how I nourish.

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That’s when Hungry for Happiness would not leave me alone. No joke – it was popping up every where. From the random podcast I chose, to the conversations at work about binge eating, to the pestering sensation in my body that I’m being called to this.

Monday was our first jam session / lecture. It was housekeeping and check ins. AND IT WAS AMAZING. Feeling Sam’s energy, the love of my mentor calling me that afternoon, and the laughter from all the women on the call was seriously vibrationally uplifting.

It felt like the beginning of something so so special that I couldn’t keep it to myself so I wrote this post.

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Little Sebago Lake wonderment

The universe delivered me another sign. A gift of love and validation I’m on the right path.

My spin/yoga class the next day was SO GOOD.

James exhales and said, “that was your best yet.” And then a wonderful women stayed after class and we talked for an hour about our food and body problems. Not in a complain-y way – but in an honest, raw, deep desire to unearth them way. No one to hold space but each other. We both felt the clarity after class and even came up with some amazing yoga workshop ideas that flowed organically.

We both need a coach/mentor. I actually ended a blog post about how I need professional help with my food/body problems. I asked. The universe delivered. I can confidently say I found my perfect coach in Samantha Skelly.

So the journey begins.

10 months. 400 hours. Embodiment. Healing. Growth. Empowerment. Stay tuned for the juicy insights and opportunities for you to join me.

It feels so good to pour my heart into my blog again. Thank you for reading if you’ve arrived this far.

PLEASE let me know who YOU are and HOW you landed here.

Let’s connect. Let me see you. Comment below OR on my IG.




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