Finding Balance – Back to Blogging, New Routines & Letting Things Go

It’s been a while.

I’ve been silent when it comes to blogging because I was so busy with Athleta, teaching yoga and trying to complete “adulting” type tasks, such as taxes and teeth cleaning appointments.

It feels good to feel inspired and motivated again to write and share what’s going on. It took a second though – my creative and mental energy was siphoned to other commitments I had going on. These moments are good for me. They challenge me to decide what is priority and where can I improve. When I lose a grip on something that makes me happy – like writing/blogging/sharing about wellness – it becomes an opportunity to reevaluate.


Which I did – and that meant letting go of one of the studios I taught at. I still love that space and there are times when I long for the people I connected with there – but what I was doing stopped serving me the way it used to.

I think that’s a beautiful thing. The way people and positions evolve over time.

Recognizing these changes is imperative to personal growth – my advice is to not shy away from them but take the chance and make the changes you need. Be honest with yourself.

Quick reality check – the decision to stop working for this studio nagged at me for about three weeks before I got up the courage to do it. It bothered me because of my love and attachment for the people and the space. But when I sent the e-mail, the sense of relief was huge. I made sure the owners knew how much I appreciated their kindness since day one, and my decision to leave was more because of changes within myself.

March for me has been getting back to the routines that serve me. Connecting back with what bring me balance, joy, and a feeling of moving in the right direction.

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Morning movement

My mornings now must have some form of movement and/or meditation. This means a home yoga practice, a class at a favorite studio, or a meditation after a morning stretch session. Taking time to tune into my body and connect my breath to my movement, even for only 10 minutes, makes a positive and noticeable difference in my day. It helps me make more aligned and intuitive choices, rather than from a place of expectation and lost sense of self.

I downloaded the Calm app and so far I’m really enjoying it. All the meditations I’ve done so far have been wonderful. I appreciate not having to go to YouTube and spend several minutes choosing a meditation that fits that day. Calm makes it so easy – and the meditation of the day is no longer than 10 minutes. Longer mediations are there, if you want them. There is a also a sleep story narrated by Matthew Mcconaughey and other wonderful narrators. I’m looking forward to listening at some point. It’s a well designed app and easy to use. I recommend it if you are interested in cultivating a sustainable, curated for you, meditation practice.

My evenings are more flexible because they depend on how the day went as a whole. My energy levels, if a higher priority task came up, etc. come into play. Ideally at least three times a week my evenings involve reading, writing, and reflecting to some degree. Reading more especially – because it always inspires me. This serves to help me check in with myself about my feels from the day.

Finally before bed – I pause for gratitude. I have a journal on my bedside table to record one thing I’m grateful for every day. This puts me to sleep with a positive thought.

This is March for me. Trying to stick to these routines as best as I can and paying attention to how they impact me. It’s been a month since my birthday – so I have eleven months left in my 27 year old body. A grounding timeline that begs the question,

“What will you do with your own wild, glorious chance at this thing we call life?” – Mary Oliver





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