Achieve A ‘Fresh Body’ And ‘Fit Mind’ in 12 Weeks

In this post, I share my experience with a 12-week workout plan that did wonders for me and my friends, and truly changed how I approach working out.

I’ll cover why and how I found FBFM, a few thoughts on the program, and tips for anyone who’s starting.


Why I needed a fitness program:

I put on a lot of weight while living with a host family for five months in the Peace Corps. With no control over cooking, the plethora of rich carbs like rice and roti, and minimal exercise, I quickly got out of shape. When I finally got some space and control in my living situation, I was determined to shed some pounds, feel more energized, and get my clothes to fit a little looser. I had a few restriction too: I didn’t have a gym, space to run, or any equipment. #peacecorpslife.

I was accustomed to treadmills, tracks and gyms so exercise without these things was new for me.

I got really lucky to find Fresh Body Fit Mind on Instagram. The universe knew I was desperate. I tried out the 7-day pre training week and was hooked. I knew this program would be ideal because it consisted of 20-minute primarily body weight HIIT workouts that could be done with just a yoga mat, the one piece of equipment I had.

After completing the program four full times, these are my favorite things to tell to people who may want to consider this as their next fitness challenge.

  1. I learned A LOT of body weight moves and combinations. I now know endless exercises I can do to get in a great workout but don’t need weights or running. This knowledge is great for traveling or a quick sweat session.
  2. The workouts are fast and effective. Most days are at least 20 minutes, with an AM and PM circuit or “MOVE” (More Outdoor Variety Exercise = 20 minute suggested session that you can substitute with what you like). Every day is typically 40 minutes of exercise total. I consider this a quick workout.
  3. SO easy to follow & well structuredThe entire twelve weeks is laid out, all you need is a timer and workout music. I pull it up on my computer every morning, follow the moves and I’m done.
  4. Flexible to fitness goals. In addition to the circuits provided, there is plenty of room for customizing the program to what you want. For any ‘MOVE’ you can do whatever form of preferred exercise that gets your blood pumping, like yoga, pilates, running/walking, or some weight lifting. You can combine the AM/PM workouts too for one 40 minute workout if that’s how it best fits in your schedule that day. Always make it work for you.
  5. Focus on core. Every circuit ends with four minutes of core work. I love this aspect of the program because having a strong core is so important! Building my core through this program helped me see huge gains in my personal yoga practice.

If you’re going to try FBFM, here are some starting tips!

  1. Try the pre-training week for free. Before you buy the program, make sure the types of circuits and the way the program is set up works for you.
  2. Get a journal ready! On a device or on paper, get ready to reflect. Every week there is a checkpoint where you recognize your accomplishments and setbacks, set new goals for the week, and maybe take a progress photo. The prompts are a great way to stay accountable and maintain forward thinking.
  3. Track your test day! Every “Day 5” is a fitness test and it’s the only workout for that day. There are four of them and you’ll do each three times and compare your times over twelve weeks. I was floored with my progress when I compared times, and while the scale might not budge week to week, my test days were always improving. Write down your times in your fitness journal and they will keep you motivated.
  4. Make time for stretching or yoga. Every “Day 7” is a recovery day. I recommend doing restorative yoga. Your body will thank you. This program is intense, not going to lie. So help yourself out by stretching those hard working muscles. Another tip is to try and make time for a quick restorative yoga session at the end of the day or right after you finish a circuit. 
  5. Nutrition is essential. Make eating well a priority and the results will come 100%. Eating healthy, nutrient dense food and drinking lots of water is necessary to supplement all the hard work. Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks. I like to have a protein smoothie or omelet after my workouts and then continue to eat balanced meals throughout the day filled with veggies, proteins and healthy carbs. Here are my favorite healthy recipe blogs I love to share with people!

If you don’t think FBFM is right for you, but you’re still looking for a structured fitness program, maybe one of these will be better!

If you have any questions about the program, let me know. I hope this post inspired you to explore a fitness program that’s best for you.


Photo credits: Amanda Bisk

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