Hello lovely human.

I’m here to honor you. I’m happy to hear you. I hope you are ready to be honest.

With me and yourself.

My food and body coaching certification journey can be read here.

Coaching 1 to 1 is not easy. It will be eye opening and life changing. There is no other way to say it. After co-creating this experience together, you’ll will see the world differently and the ways you identify with it will warp.

I will ask you to step in, connect to body, and FEEL.

Feeling is fun. It is a highly underrated healing modality. It reminds us we are human. We deserve forgiveness. We deserve love. We are biochemically wired TO FEEL.

It is the genius of our species. It’s our super power. Let’s see how magical it is to connect to this human form and realize it’s abilities to heal and serve. From within.

In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you.

When you work with me 1 : 1, this is what you’re gonna get:

  • A coach who sees you for everything: your experience, your personality, your horoscope, your community, your choices, your fears, your dreams. I incorporate them ALL into serving you and your highest self. 
  • I will hold you to the highest, love filled standard of who you are. I won’t back down but I promise to be gentle when necessary and push you when you need a nudge.
  • Weekly 1:1 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom for a total of 4 months.
  • Personal development tools I learned from my work with Hungry for Happiness – a certification program that specializes in food, body, and feminine wound healing.
  • The Phoenix Formula (created by Sam Skelly) – a system designed to bring you from suffering and numb to grateful and awake.
  • 24/7 support and the ability to reach me anytime during the week.
  • Meditations curated for YOUR needs. Body scans. Self love mantras. Grounding guides. Creativity cleanse. Energy refreshes. Higher self envisioning. Tools to help you SHIFT.
  • Love notes from me after every call. I channel advice I know you need to hear to carry you through the day.
  • Curated resources: books, videos, podcasts – the wisdom of healers from around the world that I feel you need to be aware of.
  • A completely unique experience based on your past and your future.

These are my values & I’ll hold you to them.

Authenticity & Growth

Health & Gratitude

Balanced emotions & energy

Community & Contribution

Working with me 1 : 1 is an extremely rewarding energy, time and financial investment. 

Your future self is going to thank you so hard for this. Guaranteed.

Its WERK. It’s PLAY. I call it the fun work. Personal development IS FUN. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED.

You GET AN OPPORTUNITY to open your eyes to life’s magical creative energy to feel aligned and tuned in to YOUR needs. 

& when you are able to meet YOUR needs – honestly and with love – you can step FULLY into your vision – hold hands with your higher self, and choose the life you want.

When you are living in alignment with your truth there is endless energy flowing through you.

– Sahara Rose

If you want life to feel like a playground – let’s do this.

Fill out this form to get the party started.

If you got this far. Listen to that body of yours.

You landed here out of curiosity. Don’t shy away from the call.

Let’s answer it. With love,