Finding Financial Freedom & A Letter To Money

Does the thought of money make you sick, nervous, or scared? Are you terrified of being destitute or always worried about how you're going to make money to survive? Do you consistently take jobs that you're not actually passionate about, but do only to keep your head above water? Is there a career you want… Continue reading Finding Financial Freedom & A Letter To Money

My #1 Tip to Staying on Track

Hey there! This post is about my all time favorite tool that I use to stay consistent in my workout regiment and helps get me back on track when I take time off due to holidays, traveling, or unexpected events. I want to further preface this with the statement that I am a planner down… Continue reading My #1 Tip to Staying on Track

Tips to Start a Bullet Journal.

"BUJO" has become a favorite activity among Peace Corps Volunteers, so I posed a few questions for current volunteers to get their insight into this cathartic and creative hobby. Photos included! 1) How did you find out about bullet journaling? Allycia: Pinterest. Mel: Pinterest! Leah: My friend Lori was a beast about tracking her goals… Continue reading Tips to Start a Bullet Journal.