Books I Love to Recommend for Personal Growth

Books are so darn fun. They make you laugh, cry and pass time in such a beautiful and worthwhile way. I love the way authors string together words to literally create something wonderful out of thin air – out of their imagination and creativity.

It’s a goal of mine to read and write more. A big motivation for this blog and why I keep the blog posts coming. When I read a book, magazine, or article online, it does not take long for me to have a creative spark or realize how much better I could be doing something. I love that feeling. The feeling of a new idea, it’s like butterflies in your stomach because you know you’re on to something. Many times they fizzle out because not all ideas are amazing, but some times they take flight and lead you down unexpected paths.

I also find that reading takes my mind off things for a bit – so I can get back to it with a fresh perspective. I could obviously write a book about books. But that’s not why you’re here. I have many favorite novels, the number one being The Great Gatsby, in case you’re wondering.

However, this blog is primarily about yoga, personal wellness and public health, so I’m sharing the books that can more or less fall into those categories.

These books changed the way I view the universe and humanity:
These books changed the way I view myself:

I would love to know what your favorite reads are! What books do you always buy as a gift for someone because you’re convinced it could change their life or really help them? I love asking people this one. Share away in the comments or on my social media!




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