A Winter Update & My Favorite Four Podcasts For You Fall in Love With!

Fall went fast and my blog accumulated some cobwebs. 

Let’s catch up really quick with what I’ve been up to and I also plan to share four favorite podcasts that I think you should start listening to.

Walks and podcasts saved me this year. Covid lockdown happened in the Spring and since I lived alone at the time, getting outside and seeing fellow humans enjoy the sunshine and the breeze was big medicine for me.

In June 2020 I moved, and so began what felt like the longest, challenging, confusing, emotional few months of my life. My life truly got uprooted, (which really began in November 2019 but here we are with delayed pain) plus the added dose of covid-19 chaos, that I am privileged to not have as a potent stressor, it was still hard because quarantining, masking, social distancing, and small businesses closing are the new-not-so-fun normal.

At the end of it all – I was resilient and blossomed a bit. I cried a lot and didn’t feel sorry for myself when I did. I vulnerably”felt the feelings”, took a breath, space and then solitude to try to explore the root of the issue.

The amazing Ali Shapiro <3

I must give a massive shout out to Ali Shapiro because I don’t want to know where I’d be without her transformative work and collaborative partnership.

Her podcast Insatiable (which is #1 on my list for you to listen to) helped me start seeing the world for what it is: a total mind game matrix that also has infinite opportunity for self discovery and creating new narratives that promote true, authentic, empowering personal growth. 

Her lens is integrative health, root cause medicine, and rewriting the relationship you have with your body – which is one overarching analogy for the relationship we have with living and the experiences that nourish and create meaning in it.

That being said – I HIGHLY recommend listening to her podcast – Insatiable. Here are a few episodes I personally have loved and listened to more than once!

In February 2021 Ali Shapiro’s signature health coaching program Truce with Food will be starting. I’ll be taking this course as a client and I’d love to have you join me. Please let me know if you need more information. Follow Ali on Instagram and get ready for upcoming webinars where she will introduce what Truce with Food is all about.

Ok – next one!

Unlocking Us by Brené Brown – conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart.

I’m sure you’ve watched her Ted Talk or read one of her books at some point. Brené Brown is a leading voice for EVERYTHING that is going down right now as she guides us toward empowering and truthful perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve never listened to Unlocking Us, or if you have – here are a few of my recent favs:

What does it mean to be human? 

How do we want to live? 

And who will we be to each other? 

Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives.

On Being with Krista Tippett is delves into these critical questions. Not only does her podcast feel like a retreat – so does her website and overall content. There is so much to explore and be inspired by, so let’s dive in.

On Being came to me at a time when I was struggling daily with my home and work life. “Struggling” in a good way that causes productive friction, but really having trouble finding “flow”, a consistent movement practice and evening stress relief. After listening to The Intelligence of Plants episode a portal opened. Kimmerer and Oliver’s poetic perspective of connection with nature turned my morning walks into an adventure. 

Lastly – The Rising Women Leaders podcast with Meredith Rom is always magical. 

These are sweet stories where Meredith interviews women around the world and dives deeper into how they arrived to where they are, their business, their craft, offerings and how they feel about the world. Meredith is also a priestess and speaks to about feminine wounds. She holds space so beautifully and on days when I want a more light hearted conversation with a little spice – I turn to this podcast.

A few of my favorite episodes are:

I hope these podcasts support you on your journey.

I also hope they help you discern who is an expert or true authority on a topic versus someone who is projecting and “downloading” and has very little research, background or experience to credit their claims with.

It is completely your choice – to listen to who you want to support and love on, but please use your best judgement right now.

I lost my way when I started following women who didn’t do their own inner work. I was re-traumatized, confused and didn’t have true support. The social media landscape right now is sketchy AF and to be honest, I’m trying to steer clear of Instagram as much as I can. I post when it feels fun and use it to discover new sources, but I’m more careful than ever on whose content I consume. I encourage you to do the same.

This I know to be TRUE: there is a lot of polarization, spreading of misinformation and right/wrong/binary thinking happening and it’s freaky for me. (Also my mind is totally more aware of this because of the personal work I’ve been doing.)

Cultivate discernment with everything & everyone

The conversations that are happening about the election, emotional health, the pandemic, public health, conspiracy theories, whiteness, wellness, etc. are opening up people’s awareness, but they are also confusing, harming, combating people as well. 

Take care and ask the right questions – 

  • What are we measuring? 
  • How are we defining the markers? 
  • Who is doing the research? 
  • Who holds the power?

I truly hope these podcasts help you to open your mind, eyes and body to the big picture, pause to consider what’s missing, and always remember that there is more depth and nuance to discover. 

Finally – I will be creating a container in January 2021 for people who want to go deeper in the chakras and personal healing with me. If you’re interested in being the first to learn more, please subscribe to my e-mail list and it will arrive in your inbox soon.

Good luck & enjoy!




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