A summer update.

I am amazed at how quickly August arrived.

Lately my life is about:

  • Settling into my new home in South Portland (moving was chaos and then I needed chill).
  • Enjoying sunshine during the weekends with friends.
  • Taking the rest I need to make space for exciting work I am delving into.
  • Deepening relationships that bring me joy, happiness and support.

If you’ve been following my journey – hey, hello there. 

Thank you for checking in.

If you want to connect in real life, and not just via my blog, always feel free to get in touch to introduce yourself or reconnect.

The work I committed to a little over one year ago, health coaching for women with emotional eating in the diet-binge cycle, has transformed me beyond words.

And I’m just getting started. 

That’s what I want to highlight, in addition to sharing what’s next.

I am in the infancy stages of my education and business. I want to go on record that when I post and share on the topics of wellness, diets, personal improvement, I do so from a white-thin-health-privilege lens. I am unlearning and relearning a little more everyday and committed to it.

The privilege does not make my pain, personal traumas and challenges any less potent, and yet it’s an important part of my story.

These truths led me to start thinking about finding mentorship and working with someone who was talking about white privilege before Black Lives Matter was trending.

Not someone with 70k followers. 

Not someone with the snazziest business bundle e-course. 

Not someone with besties dancing on stage with a film crew.

(Although I have chosen to work with all these people at some point and accept it was a part of the process.)

I am not trying to hit my goals in one night or kill myself over a perfect: _________ (anything.)

Success. Takes. Time. 

on my ride back from this photoshoot – my back tire went flat 😉

And then life throws you a curve ball and you sometimes you should sit in your shit before you get up again.

You might watch my content change a bit, and I hope it shows because I’m trying to be better, for all of us. As I hope you are too.

I am BEYOND excited to share that I am collaborating with Ali Shapiro.

Her podcast Insatiable and the resources on her website have brought me so much clarity around binge eating behavior and emotional eating that was non-existent in a previous program I did.

Go check out her podcast Insatiable right now!

The opening line is: “When you’re fed up with fighting food and your body join us – where we explore the hidden aspects of fighting our food, our weight and our bodies, and dive deep into nutrition science and true whole health, fair warning, this is not your parents health care, this is a big rebel yell to those who crave meaning, hunger for truth, and whose lust for life is truly insatiable – freedom awaits!”

Find out what type of Comfort Eater you are with her quiz.

Get her FREE Truce with Food Mini Course that is completely brilliant.

I am helping to create content for her life-changing podcast to make it easier for women to find her work and understand it all!

Here is a sneak peek at the work I’ve started for her:

You might see A LOT of re-shares and quotes by her for the next few months so this is why. 

I cannot wait to share more of her work because I know so many of us need it.

She recommended I listen to a podcast where she interviews feminist marketing consultant, Kelly Diels.

Here’s a quote from that podcast:

“As women we’ve been conditioned that our power is in getting other people to respond. Get power from your own agency & your own preferences. At the end of the day we do have agency, but we have to understand how the system is within us and holding us back.”

Kelly Diels

I went down the Kelly Diels vortex and discovered her work on Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brands and Why they are a Problem.

I HIGHLY recommend this article. 

Remember you can be some or none –  a consumer, an influencer, a creator, a sales person, someone who spends time on social media perhaps selling into or being sold on these exclusive and oppressive marketing tactics. You might have taken similar tactics (I am guilty) in a few and never thought of others.

Regardless – this conversation is important with what is happening on social media right now.

If you’re a womxn on social media – I say pause what you’re doing right now and read this blog series for 10 minutes. You won’t regret it.

If you’re a consumer, this crash course can help you make informed, powerful decisions about who you offer your time, money, and attention to.

If you’re an entrepreneur, read these 10 steps to help you audit your own business practices, so that you can:

  1. Bake justice into your business practices and marketing (and flourish while you do that).
  2. Make sure you’re creating the social and client impact you intended.

Do the thing. Overthink it. Do it anyway.

I share the above to inform, not to scare or shame you. I think the direction social media and wellness coaching is going, this is an essential conversation to that business: feminist marketing!

Don’t let fear of not getting it perfect stop you from using your voice or launching your course. Being called in means you’re speaking up. Being called in means you are getting an opportunity to grow. Being called in means there is work to be done and you get to contribute.

I say – step up, stay smart, say sorry (when it matters), own your shit & sass, and never. stop. learning.



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