My #1 Tip to Staying on Track

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This post is about my all time favorite tool that I use to stay consistent in my workout regiment and helps get me back on track when I take time off due to holidays, traveling, or unexpected events.

I want to further preface this with the statement that I am a planner down to my core. So this tip might really resonate with people who also require structure to be productive and find planning ahead a useful way to spend time. While another person could think this is the worst idea ever. That’s totally OK.

Like most people who work out consistently and have been able to reach various fitness goals, I’ve come a long way since the beginning. I used to hate running more than anything and the thought of the gym terrified me.

I now teach a fitness class three times a week and I’m on my way to a yoga teacher training in Thailand. I haven’t been a member of a gym since 2014 and I’ve never been in better shape. Here’s how I do it.

Three words: Weekly. Workout. Schedule.

Photo credit: Tone It Up

I did not come up with this. When I was new to working out, I was an avid follower of Tone It Up and as part of their Love Your Body challenge, they released a workout schedule every Sunday.

This changed my life.

I had no idea how comforting it would feel to have the exact workouts planned and written down for me to simply complete and check off. It relieved an immense amount of stress and time that I would previously feel every time I decided to “go workout” without a plan.

Also it really helped me create a more effective and safe fitness regiment. I wasn’t pushing myself too hard all the time. I knew when my rest days were and I was spreading out my focus areas better.

Work smarter. Not harder.

Workouts are meetings you have with yourself. So show up. But also be kind, understanding and realistic with what you can accomplish.

As you contemplate the possibility of also writing out a weekly workout schedule, here are my own tips and what I like to keep in mind when I write mine every week:

  • Start with the original. I highly recommend bookmarking Tone It Up. Every Sunday without fail, a workout schedule will appear. I still use it to this day even if I don’t do every workout they suggest and I usually tweak it to fit my needs and availability for that day. But it remains a source of structure that has helped me to sustain a crazy consistent workout regiment.
  • Choose a planning day. Saturday or Sunday being the obvious choice because it gets you in the mindset for the upcoming week.
  • Plan all 7 days. Monday – Sunday. So if you don’t sit down to do Sunday planning until the afternoon, you already got a workout in.
  • Consider local fitness classes you love. If you like to attend in person local fitness classes, account for those too!
  • Start with this simple recipe: (20 mins toning/weight routine) +/- (20 mins cardio exercise) +/- (20 mins yoga). Then pick a focus and build your routine around it. See my personal schedule example below!
  • Have options and be flexible. I give myself 3-5 options of workouts to complete or choose from. If I sleep in, I’ll skip the toning routine and go right into cardio. I always try to take time to stretch and do a little yoga. Some days I’ll do everything I plan, some days I do one or two. But I did something. That’s what counts.
  • Listen to your body and check in with your energy. At the end of the day sometimes I’m energized to complete a full 60 minute vinyasa flow and other days I pick a 20 minute relaxing flow instead. When you have a schedule, you’ll feel the desire to do something, even if it’s different than what you wrote down. For me usually it’s the same type of exercise, just toned up or down.
  • Use YouTube! My favorite channels are PopSugar, Tone It Up, Yoga By Candace, Five Parks Yoga. Explore and find what instructors or channels you love. Subscribe to channels and save your favorite routines or videos you want to try later.
  • It gets easier. Picking workouts is difficult at first because there are SO many options. Hence why getting these decisions out of the way early is smart. Let go of being in total control and just try out whatever feels right or you’re curious about. I’ve gone through kickboxing, zumba, and pilates phases. I always come back to cardio kick! I love Jeanette Jenkins.
  • Personalize your planning. Decide if you prefer everything on your phone or written out. For a while I wrote my schedule in my daily planner. I now have a little notebook I use exclusively for my workout schedule and for writing out fitness goals and reflections. This works really well for me.

Writing out my weekly schedule has turned into a Sunday ritual that gets me excited and motivated for the week ahead. I slay my workouts and that helps me perform better in life as well. Here is an example of what my schedule looks like:

You can also visit my personal YouTube channel to check out my yoga and fitness playlists. I like to save my favorite videos to use later, check them out here.

  • Monday (Total Body): yoga for strength, POPsugar toned body workout, TIU totally toned workout, PM: 35-min deep stretch.
  • Tuesday (Total Body): 30-min power vinyasa, TIU Daily Workout, Kettletoning.
  • Wednesday (Booty + cardio): Yoga for leg flexibility, 45-min metabolism boost workout, PM: restorative yoga.
  • Thursday (cardio): Slow flow yoga, TIU Daily Workout, 30-min calorie torch cardio.
  • Friday (upper body): Yoga for arm strength, TIU Flex Friday toning.
  • Saturday (yoga): AM meditation, 60-min summer vinyasa flow.
  • Sunday (total body cardio): yoga for your core, 30-min cardio kick.

I sincerely hope these tips help you consider the possible ways you can improve consistency in your fitness regiment. Remember, work smarter, not harder. And let me know if you found this post helpful or not! 🙂

Good luck!

xoxo, Liz

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